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TinyJPG alternatives and competitors

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Compress JPEG images with perfect quality and file size

Top alternatives for TinyJPG

Video performance analytics for online media and developers
  • Shrink Me

    3 reviews

    Shrink Me is a compresion tool for your JPG & PNG images, in order to make your site smaller and faster for your users. If your ever needed to compress an image in a simple and intuitive way, Shrink Me is the the tool for you!

    It looks like the makers of this little, handy tool not only did their homework but also somehow peaked what most of us would consider a per…

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  • Bulk Resize Photos

    Bulk Resize Photos is a free web-based image resizer. Your photos are processed on your computer and don't get uploaded anywhere, so it's both super-fast and private.
  • Compress for macOS

    Compress is a new tool for macOS that allows users to easily and dramatically compress PNG and JPG images on their Mac. Additionally, it allows users to quickly convert PSDs to JPGs without ever having to open Photoshop.

    Compress also includes:

    - Bulk conversion of files and folders.

    - Custom extensions and removal of metadata

    - Much more!

  • Compress Studio

    1 review
    In today’s scenario, image compression on the web makes the user to upload the image and it gets compressed at server side. Through Compress.Studio it happens at your browser and not on server. Making this a serverless image compression tool.
  • Rsizer

    Resize, optimize or convert your images in a few seconds.
  • HEIC Converter

    HEIC Converter is free macOS app to quickly batch convert HEIC images to JPEG or PNG. It's very fast and can convert 100 images in 6 seconds. Requires macOS 10.13

    HEIC is Apple’s new default image format in iOS 11 replacing JPEG. HEIC uses more advanced and modern compression methods to achieve much smaller file sizes with the same visual quality.

  • Compressio

    CompressioWeb is an Open Source Production Grade Image Compression API and WebApp. It compresses JPG, PNG, GIF & SVG images in both Lossy and Lossless formats and is built with Node.js, Express.js and React.js.
  • Dither Me This

    I made this tool to help people make faster websites. It uses dithering to reduce the file size of images…in a stylish old-school way.
    I've written a more in-depth 'how' and 'why' here: endtimes.dev/why-you-should-dither-images/
  • Bandwidth Hero

    2 reviews

    Bandwidth Hero is an open-source browser extension which saves data by compressing images on the page via data compresion service. It reduces image size by about 50%-75%.

    More... just install do not think anymore

  • Presr

    Free options
    Presr optimizes your images with just one drop and share your image with one-click.
  • CompressHere

    A simple and secure Image compressor. Your images are compressed in the browser, never sent or stored in server.
  • HitPaw Compressor

    Free options
    HitPaw Compressor helps to compress videos and images without degrading the quality while saving spaces on your devices and improving transmission efficiency.