Alternative products to Tinycards by Duolingo

Tinycards by Duolingo

The future of learning with flashcards, by Duolingo

19 alternative and related products to Tinycards by Duolingo

Mondly VR

Learn languages in Virtual Reality

Mondly VR takes language learning to a new level: virtual reality! With its spoken language recognition ability, you take part in real conversations with virtual characters from the comfort of your couch.

Available on Oculus Gear VR, Daydream & Cardboard.

Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚙️ 🤖 ⚡- Chief Marketing Officer at Mondly
Virtual reality will change the way we learn everything. So, it's natural to have MondlyVR on your list. MondlyVR is the first language app in the world to use Virtual Reality and Chatbots with Speech Recognition to teach you 30 foreign languages. It's super immersive. The app is available in the Oculus Store and on Google Play. With over 30 million users… See more
We live in a world that is increasingly connected, and the ability to speak more than one language can be quite valuable.
The Next Web
Experts agree that language learning is best accomplished with full immersion. Most of us, unfortunately, can't pack up and head to Tokyo for a year to learn Japanese. Mondly, a language-learning app on iOS and Android, thinks VR could help bridge the gap.
10 Alternatives to Mondly VR

Garçon Coffee

A coffee guide for travelers.

Garçon Coffee is coffee guide for people who travel abroad. Find the perfect coffee drink, see what it looks like, and learn how to order it! ☕️👌

Si viajas con frecuencia a otros países, pedir café puede llegar a convertirse en una tarea complicada si no conoces bien el idioma y las costumbres de cada país. Garçon Coffee es una guía para aprender a pedir café en diferentes países, la web cuenta con una interfaz muy sencilla.
WWWhat's new? - Aplicaciones, marketing y noticias en la web
Si soléis viajar con frecuencia a otros países estaréis al tanto de que pedir café puede llegar a convertirse en una tarea complicada si no conocemos bien el idioma y las costumbres de cada país. Por esta razón nos ha llamado la atención Garçon Coffee, una guía para aprender a pedir café en diferentes países.
Pedir un café puede es una tarea relativamente sencilla, aunque tiene sus bemoles por la gran variedad existente en cuanto a mezclas, granos, costumbres, nomenclaturas, etc. La cosa puede complicarse aún más cuando se está de viaje por otros países.
Sommelier de café
"Pedí tu café como un local": ésta es la sencilla, pero imprescindible, propuesta del sitio Garçon Coffee, que ofrece un servicio público invalorable. ¿Cuál es exactamente la diferencia entre un cortado y un café con leche? Pensada para viajeros muy cafeteros, esta guía tiene un diseño gráfico simpl
3 Alternatives to Garçon Coffee

Brainscape 2.0

Smart flashcards to learn anything 2x faster

equinux- equinux
Give Brainscape a try. It makes studying a lot easier. You can share with others by linking to your flashcards. Good luck! :)
Flashcards unexpectedly found their way into the public discourse last week when Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News to defend Donald Trump Jr.'s emails with Russia by using giant flashcards to call the allegations an "illusion" and a "delusion" and to say that "collusion" was not the "conclusion."
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...
There are a ton of free flashcard creating-and-using sites out there, and I've listed the ones I think are the best over at The Best Tools To Make Online Flashcards. I'm adding a new one to that list.... Brainscape lets you add images and allows you to record sound simply by clicking on the "Advanced Editor."
3 Alternatives to Brainscape 2.0


Learn more faster with better flashcards 🧠⚡

Anki App is a cross-platform mobile and desktop flashcard app.

Study flashcards in your downtime. Make flashcards with text, sound, and images, or download pre-made ones. Studying is extra-efficient, thanks to our unique algorithm. Automatically does backups and sync to all your devices, via the cloud.

14 Alternatives to AnkiApp


Learn 5000 French words and expressions

Fivey is an app that consists of the 5000 most common French words (with expressions). There are 5000 flashcards and each flashcard includes one French word and one expression. You can click on the card to see the translation. No internet connection is required.

14 Alternatives to Fivey

How To Speak Canadian

A Chrome Extension for newcomers to Canada 🇨🇦

Yonge Street is the longest street in North America. But how do you say it? Is it Yonjee or Yongay? Neither, it's Young. Also, Quay is pronounced Key. There are dozens of words like this.

I can't be the only one struggling with this, so I created this little chrome extension for newcomers, visitors, immigrants and aspiring immigrants to Canada.

Nobody knows how to pronounce these Toronto words
7 Alternatives to How To Speak Canadian

What are the best apps for students?

Sutrishna SahaDigital Marketing Manager
Quizlet Learn - Machine learning-powered adaptive studying
"Fantastic product for learning + memorizing key information!"
Noisli 2.0 - Improve focus and boost your productivity with ambient noise
"Definitely worth using – helps you stay focussed while working."
MondlyAR - Learn languages in augmented reality
"I've majored in English and French was my minor. And believe me or not, I could not have a conversation in French or order something in Fr… See more

What are best tools to create online course?

Lucie NguyenFounder, AI aficionado & MKT Strategist
Teachable - Create and sell online courses on your own website
"Very easy, reasonable pricing."
Tinycards by Duolingo - The future of learning with flashcards, by Duolingo
"For really simple, effective tools for teaching, using Duolingo’s algorithm for language learning for any subject of your choice has been v… See more

Which iOS apps do you most want available on Android?

Prashant Choubey
Product Hunt 4.0 - Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨
"Amen! I love PH, but the lack of an Android app kills me."
Bear - A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose
"Google Keep is great. But it's nothing compared to Bear."
Breaker - The social podcast app 🎧
"People say tht Breaker is the best app to listen to podcasts"

What is the best tool for organizing knowledge and learning topics?

Victor LeeiOS App Developer
Tinycards by Duolingo - The future of learning with flashcards, by Duolingo
"Very well designed. Not sure if this is what you were looking for though."
Alcamy - Free, open self-learning platform. Learn & teach anything.
"Check out Alcamy. I used it to help people learn and keep track of how to Prototype Your Product Ideas. You can see the example here: alcam… See more
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