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TiddlyWiki alternatives and competitors

11 reviews
TiddlyWiki is a free, open source tool for thought to capture, organize, and share complex information. Use it to take notes, keep your to-do list, outline an essay, or plan a novel. Record every thought that crosses your brain, or build a responsive website.

Top alternatives for TiddlyWiki

API-first content federation platform built on GraphQL
  • Bear

    Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so you can write wherever inspiration strikes.

    Overall I love Bear. It is beautifully designed. I love the simple interface and the ability to tag notes is amazing. It makes searching …

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  • Walling 2.0

    Walling is an easy-to-use tool that will help you capture ideas and visualize them into collaborative Walls. The workflow on Walling makes it super easy to save any idea now and put it to work later.
  • Roam Research

    A note-taking tool for networked thought.
  • Hypernotes

    Hypernotes is a knowledge management app with bi-directional linking, outlining, and super-powered collaboration features.
  • RemNote V1

    RemNote is the all-in-one workspace for note-taking, learning, organizing thoughts, and growing knowledge. It’s built for students, creators, organizers, and anyone looking for thinking superpowers.
  • Writty

    2 reviews
    Writty is a free open-source text editor that helps you focus on your writing. It comes with all the basic editor functions, image uploader, PDF export, autosave, word counter and dark mode. You can add Writty to your bookmark or install the Chrome Extension.
  • Schema

    Schema is a beautiful cloud drive that allows you to store and manage all your files (PDFs, Images, MS Word, links, Google docs etc.) within a context. Collaborate with teams and organise your knowledge in a clean structure.

    It's as if Medium were to design a note-taking app. Pure delight.

  • Notea

    Notea is a Self hosted Note taking app stored on S3, that you can deploy with one click to Vercel, AWS, or deploy with Docker 🐳.
    It supports storage in Amazon S3, MinIO, Aliyun OSS and others.
    It's powered by TypeScript 🚀 and loves Mark Down.

  • Notebag

    4 reviews
    Notebag is a note taking app you can use entirely from your keyboard. It is built from the ground up to be there when you need it and carefully hidden away when you don't. It brings along amazing features such as note linking, instant preview and an omnibar.
  • Buno - Simple Note Taking

    Simple, minimal & easy note-taking
  • Snipp.in

    Snipp.in is a tiny in browser notes taking interface and snippet manager built for speed. Without any bs the app stores everything just inside your browser without even having you to sign up.
  • Relanote

    6 reviews
    Relanote is а note-taking app that combines both hierarchical and non-hierarchical (wiki-style) note-taking. By leveraging the power of both methods, Relanote adapts to your way of thinking and allows you to create your personal knowledge base.
  • Kumu

    1 review
    Kumu makes it easy to organize complex data into relationship maps that are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use. Whether you are mapping people, systems, or concepts in general, if you are focused on relationships we've got you covered.
  • Writer

    Clean, crisp space to write and discuss.
  • Benotes

    Organize all of your favorite notes and bookmarks in one place side by side.
  • Personaldb

    Free options
    Note taking with non-linear power
  • Joplin

    2 reviews
    Access your notes from your computer, phone or tablet by synchronising with various services, including Joplin Cloud, Dropbox and OneDrive. The app is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. A terminal app is also available!
  • LearnObit (Beta)

    It's a web app that can use Spaced Repetition, an algorithm for learning, with tree-like note-taking tool
  • stup

    A shell tool to easily save, access and organize daily notes.
    The name derives from the "Standup meetings" since its initial purpose was to cover the need for keeping Standup notes in a convenient way.
  • Schemezy

    Schemezy is an easy-to-use, browser-based data modelling tool for NoSQL databases like Firestore and MongoDB.