Alternative products to Tidal for Amazon Echo

5 alternative and related products to Tidal for Amazon Echo

Tidal for Amazon Echo

You can now install Tidal on the Amazon Echo

Experience TIDAL’s 60 million tracks and hand-curated playlists straight from your Amazon Echo device.

5 Alternatives to Tidal for Amazon Echo

Lossless music streaming service, backed by Jay Z

Sebastian Alberione
Sebastian Alberione
I use Tidal to discover new music and rediscover older albums. Sound quality is great and it comes with an offline mode. Love it.
Mathew Pregasen
Mathew Pregasen- CEO, Parsegon
Yup, once I did a side by side, unsubscribed from Spotify immediately for Tidal
Michael Rapadas
Michael Rapadas
Lossless music streaming. And yes, the difference is definitely noticeable. Enjoy!
4 Alternatives to TIDAL

The MailHaven skill allows you to receive packages status updates via Alexa.

Works for all major us couriers (UPS, USPS, FEDEX & others) and non Amazon packages. It's easy to use, simply use the iOS app to create an account and link your Alexa profile to it on the Alexa app.

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Practical Ecommerce
Alexa skills are voice apps that enhance Alexa-driven devices. With the right skills enabled, Alexa can help merchants tracks sales, get industry-related news and tips, monitor communications, organize tasks, and much more. There are over 25,000 skills in the U.S. alone. Here is a list of useful skills for merchants from the Amazon skills library.
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3 Alternatives to MailHaven Voice Skill 🗣
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