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This is Broken

A tribute to Seth Godin's book recommendations

This is Broken is my tribute to Seth Godin's Book Recommendations - a fully searchable and categorised list of books that Seth has recommended through his blog, old Squidoo blog posts, his many interviews and the deepest corners of the internet.

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Highly Reco

Book recommendations by awesome people

Atit Danak- Problem Solver. Xtreme Sports Rookie.
Leverages Twitter data at the core. I love it cause it helps me know people I admire better.
Alex J V- Engineer first, but also loves marketing
Update for July - Here is all the book recommendations from Warren Buffett - . We picked it up from his share holder letters and from other parts of the inter web.
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Make and discover curated reading lists on deep topics

Aakanksha Gaur- Maker @ShelfJoy
Hello hunters! This is the maker of ShelfJoy. About 5 months back, we had launched our Facebook bot on PH and the community responded generously. This was us 5 months back Thanks to the positive push by PH, we have now served over 100k+ book recommendations to our bot users in 5 months. Our users are curious and want to … See more
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Goodreads 3.0 for iOS

Drastic redesign of popular social network for book lovers

Matt Warcholinski- COO, Brainhub, JS Development Teams
I love Goodreads - hack: I follow successful entrepreneurs and read their highest rated books.
Nora Conrad- Owner of
I love Goodreads. I've been using it for years and it's awesome to see a digital bookshelf of everything I've read in the past few years.
Gaurav Agrawal- Coder, Thinker, Curious observer
Goodreads can be used for this, They have groups, discussion and you can ask authors, people. And the best part is that Goodreads is biggest book reading community.
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