Alternative products to The Woodieful Chair

9 alternative and related products to The Woodieful Chair

The Woodieful Chair
The adaptable piece of furniture that fits into every home.
9 Alternatives to The Woodieful Chair

Lego-like furniture with beautiful & minimal design

Aalo is a Lego-like furniture system made with customizable, reusable, and hackable parts that let individuals be the designer. Aalo enables by-the-inch customization in just a few clicks and allows DIY designs to be created for unique spaces in a home.

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3D printable add-ons to make furniture accessible by IKEA

The This Ables project was conceived to allow people with special needs to enjoy the quality of life provided by IKEA products.
As part of IKEA’s vision to “create a better everyday life for as many people as possible”

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The Verge
Ikea Israel teamed up with Milbat and Access Israel to develop ThisAbles, a line of 3D-printed add-ons for Ikea furniture. There are 13 designs available, like the EasyHandle or the Mega Switch, which make Ikea furniture to be more accessible.
4 Alternatives to IKEA ThisAbles

The Chairless Chair enables ergonomic workplace design

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The Chairless Chair is exactly what it sounds like - a portable contraption that looks nothing like a chair and allows you to sit on it whenever you want and wherever you want.
Today's unusual news comes in the form of this chairless chair created by Zurich-based company Noonee. The piece of equipment is described by the brand as a "flexible wearable ergonomic sitting support" and is aimed at workers who are required to stand for a long time and who aren't able to find a chair in their immediate surroundings.
The Sun
CHAIRS are so 2016. One manufacturer has created an exoskeleton which lets you sit wherever you like. It's an innovative development for factory workers but is a depressing vision for what the office of the future might look like. Forget "hotdesking" - keyboard bashers and screen sirens of the nine-to-five might be expected to sit on the spot.
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The first made-to-measure, active seat.

Formid is a biologically inspired seating solution made from paper that provides haptic feedback to help keep you active and healthy. Your active lifestyle doesn't have to stop at the office, Formid keeps you moving throughout the day. We've launched on Kickstarter! Check us out by following the first link.

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Ethical Brandz
I was recently speaking with a good friend of mine who also happens to be a student of architecture. He was telling me about his summer internship and was so excited about the company he was working for.
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A collection of 3D printed items to make gamers lives easier

Teaming up with UNYQ, a design company offering customised 3D-printed medical wearables and Area Academy, well-renowned for their educational structures, program and courses within e-sports, IKEA wants to initially improve life for gamers at home.

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The Verge
Ikea is partnering with prosthetics company Unyq and e-sports company Area Academy to create a line of accessories for gamers. Called Uppkoppla, which means "online," the 3D-printed line is meant to provide custom-made fits for gamers, including those with mobility issues.
4 Alternatives to IKEA UPPKOPPLA
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