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The Snapback Glove hangs conveniently from your belt loop and is seamlessly accessible when you need to pick up an object, open a door, sign a receipt, etc., and then snaps back when you are done.
Made with silver fibers naturally anti-bacterial & anti-viral.

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  • #Masks4All

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    The scientific evidence is overwhelming that we can reduce virus transmission with homemade masks. Please protect yourself and others by wearing a homemade mask in public and asking that others do the same!
  • CoronaWhy

    4 reviews
    CoronaWhy is an international group of 300+ volunteers whose mission is to improve global coordination and analysis of all available data pertinent to the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure all findings reach those who need them.
  • Mask Makers Club

    We are sewists and entrepreneurs united in the mission to slow the spread of COVID-19 by supporting local communities and bringing joy in every mask we make. If you need a mask, visit Mask Makers Club to find a nearby mask maker and support a local business.

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    Convertible handwear for everyday adventures. Flip the pocket to open doors, punch in your pin, or use a touch screen and flip back when your done. Gloves that eliminate hand to surface contact and reduce risk of germ exposure by over 99%t.