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The Oomph
The worlds fastest hand powered portable coffee maker.
11 Alternatives to The Oomph

Smoothest, richest, purest, fastest, & safest coffee maker.

Chris Messina
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
When I'm looking for a pure expression, this is how I prefer to brew my coffee. It's clean, straight-forward, and feels all sciencey! What's not to love?
Vikram Rangnekar
Vikram Rangnekar- Builder of
Love the AeroPress. I have a hand grinder I picked up at a Verve coffee sale. Its takes some work but now its part of my ritual. Also I stick to a few medium roast brands I like and pickup based on roast date.
Sean O'Callahan
Sean O'Callahan- Tech Enthusiast; Software Dev
It turns you into a professional barista. Makes the best cup of coffee!
5 Alternatives to AeroPress

Make delicious coffee, anytime. Now More Coffee, Same Price.

More Coffee. Same Price. Dripkit 2.0 is filled with 17g of freshly roasted coffee and brews a 10oz cup. Stays fresh for over 60 days in a sleek single-serve packet. With Dripkit there is no prep or clean up, just delicious coffee, anytime.
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Business Insider
The The comfort and consistency of rituals bring us back down to earth. They take many different forms, from putting on a favorite record to shaving. Online startups are adept at selling the entire experience of these beloved rituals. At the center is a product that solves daily problems while providing a respite from the stresses of life.
Imbibe Magazine
Simplicity doesn't come easy. Just ask Kara Cohen and Ilana Kruger, creators of DripKit and two of our People to Watch in the 2019 Imbibe 75 Issue. "We looked at a lot of potential options for how we could create a product, and really the only requirement for us was that it was an easy way to make a great cup of coffee, that it was portable and mostly self-c… See more
8 Alternatives to Dripkit Coffee 2.0

Lever-powered portable espresso machine

Leverpresso portable espresso maker lets you brew your favorite coffee whether you’re at home or during an outdoor activity.

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Leverpresso portable espresso maker lets you brew your favorite coffee whether you're at home or during an outdoor activity. Like the idea? Let's continue checking. The Leverpresso is a well-crafted and easy-to-use portable coffee maker that measures 86 x 70 x 180mm and weighs 440g.
Newport Beach, California (PRWEB) September 27, 2017 -- Introducing Leverpresso, the first portable lever espresso maker that allows coffee lovers to make café-quality espressos anytime, anywhere. Leverpresso is compact, easy-to-use and can produce rich, creamy coffee in under three minutes.
6 Alternatives to Leverpresso

Portable espresso machine

Handpresso Pump is a portable espresso machine. The 16-bar-pressure is built up by hand pumping. Both ESE coffee pods and ground coffee can be used.

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I Need Coffee
The 21st century has arrived, and now you can take espresso to work, camping, travel, or anywhere on the go. These hand-powered portable espresso makers promise a very small footprint without the need for electricity or cartridges, all at a very reasonable price. Just add hot water and some finely ground coffee, and you are ...
8 Alternatives to Handpresso Pump

Dripkit's are filled with freshly ground craft coffee that’s roasted weekly in Brooklyn, NY. Each Dripkit makes a delicious 8oz cup of coffee and stays barista quality fresh for over 60 days in a sleek single-serve packet.

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Modern life means facing decisions again and again. From what to wear to how to address a problem at work, the need to check yes or no is never-ending. Most choices are of the humdrum variety, but some forever change everything that comes after.
AFAR Media
Many coffee junkies swear by the Aeropress for the perfect cup on the road. But have you seen the thing? It comes in seven different pieces, including its separate "microfilters." Sure, it has its own carrying case, but let's be real: An Aeropress isn't the easiest thing to add to an already over...
The 'DripKit' is a portable, single-use pour over that comes with coffee grounds already inside.
7 Alternatives to Dripkit Coffee

Organic, biodegradable, reusable coffee cup made from bamboo

Every day millions of single-use cups make their way to our landfills. About 1% of that is recyclable. The remaining 99% will take decades to degrade. Joe Cup was created with that in mind. It's organic, biodegradable and reusable. It's made from the most sustainable raw materials available in nature. It’s BPA and phthalate free.

7 Alternatives to No Excuse for Single-Use
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