Alternative products to The New GraphCMS

9 alternative and related products to The New GraphCMS

The New GraphCMS
Original GraphQL CMS, reimagined ✨

GraphCMS is the 100% GraphQL content management system with both read and write support. Powerful content APIs are only a “drag and drop” away. Fully controllable via mutations if code is more your thing!

9 Alternatives to The New GraphCMS

With GraphCMS, developers build essential infrastructure for their digital products in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, content creators have all the tools they need to manage their content.

Fabio Feubli
Fabio Feubli- Chief Digital Officer
Today I discovered GraphCMS. It could be what I was looking for. I'm definitely going to check it out.
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Even though CMS' are usually designed for content editors, we try to focus on developers as we think that a headless CMS is a great developer tool for literally thousands of use cases.
The New Stack
Newer JavaScript libraries like Next.JS and Gatsby are seeing increased interest amongst single page app and static site developers who are looking for speed and low cost when building new websites at scale. Startups are building next generation stacks combining GraphQL, cloud-based storage, and edge service providers to deliver their sites.
heise Developer
GraphQL tut sich als Alternative beziehungsweise Konkurrent zum Programmierparadigma REST auf. Von den Vorteilen der bei Facebook entstandenen Abfragesprache überzeugt, bringt ein Start-up-Unternehmen ein CMS auf Basis von GraphQL auf den Markt. Das Gießener Start-up-Unternehmen GraphCMS hat sein gleichnamiges Produkt veröffentlicht.
The concept of a headless content management system has lately been one of the most debatable topics in the content management system industry. While some say it is a game changer approach, others believe it may seem more groundbreaking than it is.
3 Alternatives to GraphCMS

GraphQL IDE for better development workflows

GraphQL Playground is an IDE for working with GraphQL APIs to write queries, mutations & subscriptions with features like auto-completion, error handling and team collaboration. The Playground can be used as a web-based version or standalone on all desktop platforms.

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Graphcool Blog
GraphQL is a powerful technology that is revolutionising the way how APIs are designed. Besides its expressiveness when fetching data from a server, another key strength of GraphQL is the tooling ecosystem around it.
14 Alternatives to GraphQL Playground

Unlock the full power of GraphQL

Apollo Engine delivers essential capabilities like query caching, error tracking, and execution tracing on top of any spec-compliant GraphQL server including Apollo Server, GraphQL-Ruby, Sangria, and Absinthe.

Free Forever - up to 1 million requests per month.

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Apollo GraphQL
Today we're excited to introduce Apollo Engine, our new turnkey infrastructure that helps you take GraphQL services into production with confidence. The successor to Apollo Optics, Engine delivers essential capabilities like query caching, error tracking, and execution tracing on top of any spec-compliant GraphQL server including Apollo Server, GraphQL-Ruby,… See more
7 Alternatives to Apollo Engine
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