Alternative products to The New Freshbooks

The New Freshbooks

Ridiculously easy to use invoicing and accounting

12 alternative and related products to The New Freshbooks


Simple, beautiful accounting that gets you paid instantly.

Ciocanel Razvan- Co-Founder of EpicCoders
It has to be zipbooks. It's amazing and it's free. They make their money by having a comission on the payment methods they provide but if you don't use that then you pay nada. <3 it
Niklaus Gerber- Crafting outstanding digital services
Amazing free tire and it caters to your every need. Also it is beautifully designed.
9 Alternatives to ZipBooks

Bonsai Payments v2

Simple invoicing & ACH payments for freelancers

Paul Garreth- Content Strategist / Writer in NYC
Bonsai has been amazing for me. Definitely the best product out here.
Amy Mitchell- Systems Consultant
I love Bonsai for contracts, proposals and invoicing. They have a simple beautiful interface and are constantly releasing new features and are always checking in to see what else I need for my business.
Romain Lapeyre- Co-founder @Gorgiasio
Bonsai came strongly recommended by a few friends. Their whole solution is well integrated with payments and contracts and I think it’s free for freelancers (couldn’t find any information on it though).
16 Alternatives to Bonsai Payments v2


A free and beautiful business bank account in Germany 😍🇩🇪

Penta is a free business bank account for European businesses. Sign up online for free at

The Penta brand has always been about being bold and doing things radically different than other banks - from day one. So when we sat down to think about our card design, we wanted to take the same philosophy to market. But designing a MasterCard can be quite complex.
Germany's Penta is the latest European startup to throw its banking wares into the ring. The burgeoning company is launching a new digital bank account targeting SMEs. Running on top of Banking-as-a-Platform solarisBank, the new offering perhaps resembles something like Tide in the U.K., and is designed to meet all of the banking needs of small to medium-siz… See more
9 Alternatives to Penta


Beautiful accounting software.

Imrat Jn- Affiliates Anonymous
We use this and I like it. I have not tried anything else so can't offer a comparison. Maybe someone else will, or could highlight in a comment why Xero has issues for them.
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Very easy to use for cloud-based accounting and payroll.
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Xero is super easy to use. Everything is done automatically and it's not expensive. Bank accounts can be synchronized through live feeds so there is never any need to manually import data.
3 Alternatives to Xero

Wave Accounting

Fast, easy accounting for your small business

Rohit Srivastwa- Founder, ClubHack
My personal favourite for personal accounting and for small businesses
Nikki Barron- Marketing & Communications | Mastin Labs
I really like Wave apps. It's great for personal and business.
Patrick Lupu
I use it to create and send invoices and keep track of expenses. If you are an US business owner, you would probably find your bank listed there to keep track of your bank account.
3 Alternatives to Wave Accounting

What's the best finance tracking app for the self-employed?

Justin ScheetzFounder, Boxy Studio
AND CO - Invoicing, Expenses, Contracts & Payments for your business
"Great UI and fits perfectly with the other features. Very smooth."
The New Freshbooks - Ridiculously easy to use invoicing and accounting
"Lets you do invoicing, reporting, payments, time tracking, etc. Super easy and pretty."

What are the best tools for doing freelance creative work?

Will BrennanDesigner
Bonsai - Free bulletproof contracts for designers & developers
"Hello Bonsai has an entire suite of tools for freelancers. Contracts, time tracking, design, project management, invoicing and so on. 🙌"
Qbserve - Automatic productivity & time tracking for macOS
"Qbserve (our app) tracks project time automatically and generates invoices from collected data. It also gives real-time feedback on your pr… See more

Freelancers, what apps and services do you use the most?

Chakib TsouliProduct Designer
Trello - Organize anything, together
"Trello makes everything wonderful. Even clients who don't normally use Trello seem to understand it intuitively, and it's super flexible."
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"Don't think I have to explain this one, do I? :-)"
My Desk - A smart task manager for freelancers
"In terms of managing your productivity and keeping you on track, this app is awesome and super beneficial. It automatically creates tasks b… See more

The best accounting software for small startups? 📊⚡️

Samuel WoodGrowth
Xero - Beautiful accounting software.
"We use Xero. It's very easy to understand and offers good pricing."
Wave - Mint for businesses
"I highly recommend wave too. It has a suite of tools built in for any small start-up or even large businesses."
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