Alternative products to The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup

Use continuous innovation to create successful businesses

6 alternative and related products to The Lean Startup

The Messy Middle

A book about building products, by Scott Belsky

Quite simply, the book’s 130+ insights help you do 3 things: (1) ENDURE the human-tendency-defying woes of the middle (your war with self-doubt, the roller coaster…(2) OPTIMIZE the hell out of everything that works (constantly improving product, team…, (3) NOT SCREW UP THE FINAL MILE of a successful project (game changes when finish line in sight…)

I'm excited and super-f'n-anxious to share a 5+ year obsession/project nearing the finish line (and now available for pre-order!). THE MESSY MIDDLE is a collection of insights for traversing the hardest and most crucial part of any bold creative project, new venture, or turnaround.
5 Alternatives to The Messy Middle

UXPin Desktop App

Agile UX in one place

UXPin saves us hundreds of hours of product development by simplifying collaboration. Plus, with its great library of components, I can literally go in, cut and paste a component into my design, and we’re off and running.

8 Alternatives to UXPin Desktop App

What is a top-notch book about growth hacks, sales or marketing you could recommend?

Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀Help sales team close more in less time
Hacking Growth - The definitive playbook for growing your business
"Currently reading this one as well, definitely leaves you full of inspiration with extremely actionable advice."
Growth Hacking Sourcebook - The ultimate growth hacking sourcebook
"I found the ultimate growth hacking source book by rocketshp incredibly resourceful."
Predictable Revenue - Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine
"A must for b2b sales"

What book do you most often give as a gift? 📖💝

Alex DejeuFounder at Do Good Technology
Zero to One - Notes on startups, or how to build the future
"Great book and a must read for the entrepreneurs and startup folks"
How to Win Friends and Influence People - A must read every 6 months for the rest of your life
"Dad gave to me as a gift when I was a teenager and it probably changed my life."
Sapiens - A brief history of humankind
"One of the most eye opening books I've ever read. The author writes in a way that his straightforward and scientific approach to politics, … See more

What is your one favorite startup book?

Gal DubinskiCo-Founder at Poptin
Zero To One - Peter Thiel's new book on Startups
"Probably no use to me if I'll be stuck on an Island for the rest of my life, but an essential read for founders! And/or 4-steps"
The Lean Startup - Use continuous innovation to create successful businesses
"Recommended one"
Hooked - A book on how to build habit-forming products
"Thank you for the upvotes! So happy we wrote something so many talented change-makers found useful. I'm in awe from all that's been done wi… See more
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