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The LARQ Bottle alternatives and competitors

The LARQ Bottle uses patented technology that harnesses the power of UV-C light to neutralize harmful and odor causing biological contaminants from your water and inside the bottle. Enjoy purified water at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere.

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  • A high quality glass bottle w/ a grippable protective sleeve
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  • HidrateMe

    Smart water bottle with mobile app & reminders (pre-launch)
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  • que Bottle

    The collapsible, fashionable travel bottle
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  • Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of ✨1000✨ plastic bottles from entering our oceans. We do this by paying collectors 3X plastic collection rates.

    It's also the best designed bottle - designed after hundreds of interviews and comparison to 60+ bottles.

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    I can't wait to receive mine and start using it!

  • GiveMeTap

    TOMS Shoes for water bottles
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  • Hydaway

    Hydaway is the world’s most collapsible water bottle, reborn.

    Now with more sizes, taste filters, and a streamlined design, this next generation of collapsible water bottles is better than ever!

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  • 100% mountain water from the Austrian Alps | Aluminum cans are the most sustainable beverage container by virtually every measure | 7.9 pH (Naturally Alkaline) | Electrolytes & Minerals | Non-Carbonated | Instantly Decapitates Your Thirst | #DeathToPlastic

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    Great to see an edgy alternative to other packaged water

  • LaVie

    LaVie converts tap water to pure, high-quality water in 15 minutes. No filter is needed. Based on a process inspired by nature. It uses a patented UV-A light technology that breaks down the chlorine molecule, releasing powerful free radicals that will destroy bacteria and viruses, pesticides and traces of drugs, taste and odors.

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  • Mighty Mug

    Stop spilling shit
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  • 100% spring water in a paper bottle backed by Will Smith
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    It's actually WORSE than plastic bottles in the long run. Shameful.

  • Waterlytics

    Waterlytics is an app to track your daily hydration. Based on your body measurements, your age and your activity level Waterlytics calculates your personal daily goal. The app reminds you to stay hydrated & motivates you to reach your daily goal & earn awards.
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  • A cutting-edge self-cleaning water bottle that stays sterilized and keeps the water inside as pure as it gets - at all time! 99.99% of bacteria eliminated in 90 seconds.
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  • Gululu

    Tamagotchi-like smart water bottle ("for kids") πŸ˜‰
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  • Hitch is a full-size water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside. Go zero waste & carry better. 🌎
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    Just check out kickstarter or indiegogo - sham
  • Muggo

    Muggo is a coffee smart mug. With the on-cup temperature control and detachable magnetic battery, your coffee will be just like at the right temperature.

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  • The world’s first smart nutrition bottle that turns your ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients. Staying hydrated is as easy as the touch of a button or a swipe in the app.
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  • Combining a Product Design and an App to find the most convenient and comfortable way to find, carry and drink water

    With more than 56,000 refill stations worldwide, theΒ Closca Water AppΒ helps you located the nearest place where you can top off your H20 for freeClosca Bottle is

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  • The DYLN Insulated Bottle is designed to give you the ultimate hydration experience. The Bottle is a 950mL ergonomic double-walled vacuum insulated bottle that alkalizes your water within 15-20 minutes and keeps it cool for up to 24 hours.

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  • Tap

    Tap is an app that allows you to find nearby Refill Stations, so you never have to buy bottled water again. You just open the app and within seconds you’ll find the closest place to refill your water bottle.

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  • Big Ocean Bottle

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    The Big Ocean Bottle a.k.a BOB is the 1L/34oz smart reusable bottle that allows you to directly fund the collection of ocean-bound plastic. So you can stay hydrated for longer, say no to single-use plastic and contribute to solving our Ocean's plastic crisis
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