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Seamlessly collect donations on your website
Top The Groundwork Donations alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Donate to Puerto Rico is a chrome extension that displays an array of photos ranging from the stunning landscape of Puerto Rico to drone shots of the aftermath of the hurricanes.

    All revenue earned from this app is donated to charities working towards the rehabilitation of Puerto Rico's residents.

    Inspired by The Daily Show: bit.ly/2ydGU38

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    Fills me up with a small sense of satisfaction to have been able to contribute globally towards this horrific disaster that the people in Pu…

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  • Donations by Tilt

    Add a donate button to any site w/ two lines of code
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  • Hopely

    Hopely is a search engine with a passion for good causes. With every search we donate half of all generated advertising revenues to charities. It's free of cost!

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  • Watsi Life-Saving API

    Give back automatically based on your customer's actions
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  • Donation Spring is a free, embeddable, highly-configurable, mobile-friendly, and secure donation widget. In minutes, forms can be customized and installed on pages, with no need for technical staff. Use and keep your existing Stripe or Square account.
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  • The Tip Jar by Swapstack enables newsletter writers to collect tips from their readers, for free. Connect with your readers in a new way & diversify your income!

    🛠 A shareable Tip Jar page.
    💰 Accept donations via Stripe
    ❤️ Feel love from your supporters!
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  • Create your own donation page and accept donations via Stripe or Mollie!
    We now have 0% fee on all donation requests!
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  • GiveTrack

    GiveTrack offers real-time financial transparency and project outcomes for nonprofits and charities. GiveTrack is a platform nonprofits use for taking donations and sharing with donors exactly how their contributions are used while tying donations directly to a project result.

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  • Don Café

    Free options
    Don Café is a widget to collect your all donation links in one button, including Buy Me a Coffee, ko-fi, patreon, paypal, and more. It's super easy to use and integrate with your existed website.
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  • microChange

    microChange is the future of philanthropy. Charities send donors on-the-ground snaps of their work, and donors send back money instantly. Donors can create charity portfolios and follow their friends.

    Giving that's visual, simple, social.

    Get early access at https://microchange.io

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  • DonatePal

    DonatePal allows you to donate to multiple charities in one transaction. You can either give one-off, monthly, weekly or daily. Once registered you’ll be able to donate again, to any charity within a few seconds using either the website or mobile app.
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