Alternative products to The Breakup Shop

5 alternative and related products to The Breakup Shop

The Breakup Shop

Outsource your breakup

5 Alternatives to The Breakup Shop

Reveal your relationship’s expiration date

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Business Insider
Netflix's "Black Mirror" has created a website app, based on the fan-favorite episode "Hang the DJ," that puts an expiration date on your relationship. Go to to see how long you and your partner will last. As a Valentine's Day promotion, Netflix's dystopian series "Black Mirror" has created a dating app based on "Hang the DJ," a fan-favorite… See more
The Verge
It's Valentine's Day, and the future-phobic TV series Black Mirror has a present for you. It's a new website inspired by the season 4 episode "Hang the DJ," in which a dating device known as Coach determines the length of a couple's relationship.
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Cold storage for anything that reminds you of your ex

Put anything that reminds you of your ex into cold storage before cuffing season arrives.

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​A new service from MakeSpace​, ExBox allows you to schedule someone to come pick up anything that reminds you of your ex and drive it to a storage facility. It's currently available in four cities (New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles) and as you go through the sign-up process, you can unlock discount codes depending on just how bad you… See more
Real Simple
Whether you cohabitated or lived on opposite sides of the country, you've likely collected an assortment of items that remind you of your ex. After a
Apartment Therapy
If you've been in a relationship that's gone south, you know there's a point in time where you can't stand to look at the sh*t your ex has left at your place-but you don't necessarily want to throw them out either (because what if you end up getting back together?!)
His old sweatshirt, a box of handwritten letters, that teddy bear holding a stuffed heart...It's all hiding underneath your bed, and you can't even bring yourself to look (let alone touch) all those lingering reminders of your ex. Fear not, strong singleton, because new company ExBox will take care of all your "breakup baggage" for you post-uncoupling.
Architectural Digest
The end of a romantic relationship is a one-two punch: the slap of emotions followed by a sting of logistics. The feelings will come and go, at which point you'll notice that other things have stuck around. Like, say, a few of your ex's cozy sweaters, or worse, a shared sofa.
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