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Reward-based music discovery app

Miguel Leite- Co-founder, Tradiio
On Tradiio users scout for new music talent and help artists’ careers by virtually invest in them. We just launched officially on the UK market with rewards for both artists and users. We’re giving 1000 extra coins to all the Product Hunt Community! Please follow this link: . We're waiting for your feedback :)
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A Song a Day

For those "too busy" to discover new music.

Shannon Byrne- Created Content Strategist
Hi again! I just wanted to share with this community because I feel like y'all will appreciate it. Today is A Song A Day's first birthday - i.e. it was posted to Product Hunt and you all showed interest that led to a year of amazing and rewarding insanity. So, to celebrate, I wrote a lengthy blog post about what I've learned about people's weird relationship… See more
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Discover new music. New site by We Are Hunted co-founder.

Stephen Phillips-,
Some interesting data for the music nerds among you. I've been monitoring SoundCloud data for years, and the new Kendrick Lamar track that dropped yesterday was simply incredible. It peaked around 150k plays/hour and ended the day over 2M plays. After only one day, it's already in the top 5 most played songs this month on SoundCloud. Data here: http://wonder… See more
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Swipe and discover the music you like (iOS)

Chris Underdown- Creative Director, Code & Wander
If you're ever in London, we host chilled out networking events with live music (from emerging artists) every quarter called "Plugged", it's a really nice vibe. Or feel free to pop over to our office and have a chat and we'll treat you to some quality new music and coffee :)
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A Song A Day 2.0

Songs from humans, not robots delivered to your inbox daily

A Song A Day 2.0 is a collective of curators sending hand-picked songs to your inbox daily. We also feature original content and organize shows!

Hi! 👋YI can't believe A Song A Day launched 3 years ago. I have this very community to thank for bringing it to life. After learning many lessons, we've made some updates and got a make over! 💅

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"Hot or Not" for music discovery: 2 hrs of tracks in 2 mins

Clay Kohut- engineer @
We don't look at any of your info -- the private playlist access is needed because the generated playlists are private. Our privacy policy will be up soon. I'm going to look in to the subscription details access request -- that may or may not be something we can disable requesting. ( as we aren't using it for anything )
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The Artist Hunt

An intuitive way to discover music

(I'm one of the creators) Initially, this was actually a game where you were tasked to browse from one artist to another as fast as possible, but the feedback we got was that the music discovery part was much more interesting than the game itself!
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New music delivered to you via text every other morning

Hypemix is a bot for SMS that gives you a randomized playlist of new music delivered to your inbox every (other) morning.

It grows more accustomed to your taste each time you send feedback. 🤯

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iPod shuffle for Spotify

Mighty is the first device to play Spotify music on-the-go without a phone. Mighty is the music player for the streaming era. Enjoy your workouts, commutes, and adventures without worrying about bulky phones, data overages, and battery drain.

Digital Trends
The first Spotify-playing music player lets you take your favorite playlists anywhere, without a cell signal. Ever since the iPod-shuffle resembling device smashed its $250,000 Kickstarter goal last year, workout-loving Spotify subscribers have been anticipating the release of Mighty Audio's offline music player.
The Mighty's resemblance to the iPod Shuffle is uncanny. It's a smidge larger, but they undeniably share design features, right down to the handy clip on the back. Up front, Mighty offers the same controls: There are buttons for skipping tracks and volume adjustments situated around a circular ring with the play/pause control (that's also the power button) i… See more
Everything that's old is new again. That's how the tech game is played. Products evolve and leave vacuums for new startups to rush in and fill. For Mighty, the long, slow death of the MP3 player presented just such an opening.
Streaming killed the music gadget years ago. Just up and drove a stake through its silicon heart as listeners traded 99-cent song downloads for $10 monthly subscriptions to all-you-can-listen services. OK, maybe you have some Baby Driver-induced nostalgia for an iPod. But when was the last time you ripped a CD, or dropped 15 bucks on an album?
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djay Pro 2

AI-powered DJ software 🎶

djay Pro 2 is the next generation of Algoriddim’s multiple award-winning DJ software. Its unique, modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with iTunes and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of songs

DJ software maker Algoriddim is releasing djay Pro 2 for macOS today. It's a major update to the company's flagship app. It still features what made djay popular in the first place, such as Spotify integration and a native look-and-feel.
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Discover new music with stacks of tracks at your fingertips

Sam Bauch- Maker
Yeah it's another Tinder for X. And similar to some other products that have been hunted. But I do think we're doing some novel things here. I've been discovering a lot of new tracks as well as forgotten gems, and saving them to spotify for later listening. nnHappy to answer any questions and would love your feedback!
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