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5 alternative and related products to The Batch

The Batch

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5 Alternatives to The Batch

Making the corner store a thing of the past

Bodega sets up five-foot-wide pantry boxes filled with non-perishable items you might pick up at a convenience store. An app will allow you to unlock the box and cameras powered with computer vision will register what you’ve picked up, automatically charging your credit card. The entire process happens without a person actually manning the “store.”

Simon Bromberg
Simon Bromberg-
Cat logo: Company got a lot of flack but it's still a cat logo. See more
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Fast Company
While it sometimes feels like we do all of our shopping on the internet, government data shows that actually less that 10% of all retail transactions happen online. In a world where we get our groceries delivered in just two hours through Instacart or Amazon Fresh, the humble corner store-or bodega, as they are known in New York and Los Angeles-still perform… See more
If you're in a big city like New York City, you're probably used to walking around the block away from where you live to the corner shop and picking up a jug of milk or some dishwashing detergent.
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