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TextSniper alternatives and competitors

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TextSniper is a super useful app to quickly capture unselectable text. Use it to capture and recognize text from presentations, trainings, screencasts, images, pictures, webpages, video tutorials, photos, PDFs etc.
Top TextSniper alternatives
Automate SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance in weeks
  • Nanonets OCR

    Transform unstructured, human-readable text into structured and validated data using OCR + Deep Learning to extract relevant information. Digitize everything from documents, PDFs to number plates and utility meters. Extract relevant info and key fields.
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  • Office Lens

    Turns your smartphone into a pocket scanner
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  • Infrrd OCR is an Enterprise Machine Learning OCR platform that gives organizations deep insights from big data with the help of interactive AI algorithms based on machine learning to drive decisions and automate extraction. The powerful OCR solution learns from data to accurately infer the key fields from receipts, invoices and business documents.

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    Unlike most enterprise OCR solutions that fall short in giving 100% results, Infrrd's Enterprise Machine Learning platform builds in OCR sol…

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  • Accurate and fast text detection from any image/PDF file selected from your device or taken with a snapshot/screenshot.The application also supports text-based handwriting detection and text translation in 114 different languages.
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  • LetterSnap OCR

    Pictures to text, fast and exact.
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