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10 alternative and related products to TextBlast Bulk SMS

TextBlast Bulk SMS
Send personalized mass messages easily

TextBlast is perfect for SMS marketing and communication.

Send customized messages in 4 steps:

1. Write your message

2. Select your contacts

3. Preview

4. Send each message

Note that SMS are sent from your device at your own expense .
10 Alternatives to TextBlast Bulk SMS

Postscript is like Mailchimp for SMS. It allows ecommerce companies to easily setup fully-compliant SMS & MMS marketing. Already live on Shopify & other platforms, Postscript works with thousands of ecommerce merchants, helping them increase sales. Merchants see very high engagement–averaging 95% open rates and 20% click-thru rates.

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Mass personalized iMessage and SMS messaging!

Porterhouse automates individualized mass iMessage and SMS messaging from your own phone number, right on your computer.
Each message is sent individually to each recipient to personalize your text based marketing.

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If you want to test this yourself, create another user on your Mac, download Porterhouse, and login. When you go to see your message recipients, nothing will be listed. You'll see a message stating "COULD NOT FIND RECIPIENT, CONTACT MAY HAVE BEEN DELETED.".
Porterhouse could provide a way for someone running for political office to connect directly with their large donors by mass messaging to them updates through their personal phone number. Communicating with them through a medium (iMessage/SMS) that is personal, direct, and warrents a response, encouraging conversation and developing a deeper rapport.
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An app for a better one-way communication with a group

Coupsh is a simple way to communicate with your people. Create a page and post content to keep your members up to date. Use custom push notifications to get more attention, include images and icons, reach people directly on their lock screen.

Rating and price
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