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Tether alternatives and competitors

Lock and unlock your Mac automatically with your iPhone
Top Tether alternatives
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  • Dockey makes changing some of the more advanced Dock preferences as easy as clicking a button. With integrated preview, you can see how it would look and feel like and save changes you're happy with the result.

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    I was aware you could do this using terminal commands, but I could never be bothered to change it so I just kept the dock. This was exactly …

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  • KeyTouch

    Lock & unlock your Mac via TouchID on your phone
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  • MacID

    Unlock your Mac with Touch ID
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  • Knock 2.0

    Unlock your Mac quickly and securely. Now with Apple Watch.
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  • FingerKey

    Unlock your Mac with your iPhone TouchID
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  • LockItUp

    Remotely lock your Mac or PC from your iPhone or Apple Watch
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  • DroidID

    DroidID is an app for Android that lets you unlock your Mac with a fingerprint sensor.

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  • Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint, wrist and now your face – without even unlocking your iOS device. Formerly called MacID, Unlox is better than ever.

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    It’s way more stable than MacID.

  • Unlock

    Unlock intelligently locks and unlocks your Mac. Unlike others, it is incredibly reliable in day-to-day use and does not require pairing with your iOS device. And it is feature packed to make it as seamless as possible.


    ✅ Seamless

    ✅Smart lock

    ✅Proactive Locking

    ✅Video Playback Detection

    ✅Smart Battery Saving

    ✅Lazy Unlock

    ✅Guided Access

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