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9 alternative and related products to Tet

A Todo list app that deletes your Todos

Tet is a todo list app. Tet deletes your unfinished tasks by the end of the day. Finish your tasks before Tet eats them alive

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9 Alternatives to Tet

Never miss a task you need to do with Things 3. It is always easier if you can follow up smaller steps to achieve your project, this is exactly what Things 3 lets you do! It comes with really valuable features like reminders, quick finders, tags, drag-and-drop to-do lists, multiple windows and so much more!

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For those who like to stay organized, there are plenty of free apps out there that will get the job done. But while those apps - including Apple's own native apps, like Calendar, Notes, and Reminders - are adequate, shelling out for a third-party app is often worth it.
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Few apps have made a more valiant effort to rescue us from indolence than Things, the to-do list app for Mac and iOS from German software developer Cultured Code. When it debuted as one of the original iPhone apps in 2008, Things was notable for its strong compatibility with Getting Things Done , the popular productivity system.
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Productivity systems fail. Todorant doesn't. Carefully crafted set of limitations and praise teaches the primitive part of the brain to crave productivity like we crave sugar. Todorant focuses on what matters: completing tasks.

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Hi everyone! I've recently launched my app called Todorant ( web, iOS, Android) and after a somewhat successful article of mine " How to deploy Node.js app to Digital Ocean droplet with free Continuous Integration", I decided to also tell you how I deploy my iOS and Android apps to the Apple App Store, Google Play Market and Microsoft AppCenter with one line… See more
Note: this is a translation of the original post in Russian. Hi there! It's yo boy Nikita, serial procrastinator and the creator of projects used by over 14 000 000 people (real-time stats are here).
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