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Templated alternatives and competitors

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844 free CSS and HTML5 site templates
End to end security compliance for your business in weeks
  • Inspired by Product Hunt, this no-code template built on Bubble can be used to "hunt" & discuss anything by the application audience - in other words, to crowdsource notable products\services\points of interest & get honest feedback from the community about those. Save both time & sanity over coding a copy of what the PH masterminds have worked up.

    Very happy with the template so far!

  • Wicked Templates 2.0

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    Stunnig landing pages made with Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js and Next.js.
  • Stitches is a HTML template generator with functional CSS (tailwind.css).

    To save time creating similar components for different projects, I created this generator to speed up the process of making web applications or marketing websites. Feel free to use it for your own projects and customize it!

    It is very useful, but it has few options and the css is inline. It should be in a separated file.

    Congratulations for the great tool. But th…

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  • Pixelarity

    Spectacular responsive site templates