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5 alternative and related products to TelePromptor

An online teleprompter to make you a better public speaker
5 Alternatives to TelePromptor

(Chrome Only) A voiced controlled teleprompter that uses your PC's built in microphone to scroll as you speak. Made to scratch my own itch – I have a hard time memorizing scripts for Youtube videos and it makes recording and editing a pain. So this helps a ton! Most other teleprompter apps and websites, use auto scroll - and that's pretty weak.

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Simply enter the keypass code from the extension and connect.
Focals Connect gives you control over Google Slides as well as discreetly showing your presenter notes so you can present confidently.

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An update to North's 'Focals' smartglasses brings a new personal teleprompter feature. Together with Focals Connect and Google Slides, Focal users will be able to have a personal teleprompter scroll across the wearable lenses. To get the feature, install Focal Connect's Google Chrome Extensions and generate a 'Connect Code' for the presentation.
6 Alternatives to Focals Connect

How long will it take to read a speech or presentation?

Enter the word count into the tool (or paste in text from a document) to see how many minutes it will take you to read. Estimates number of minutes based on a slow, average, or fast paced reading speed.

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