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Telegraph alternatives and competitors

1 review
Telegram's answer to Medium

Top alternatives for Telegraph

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Medium 2.0

    4 reviews
    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    I've loved Medium for a long time - in fact I still hear from people (other authors wanting to link/interview me, prospective clients, etc.)…

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  • Medium 3.0

    9 reviews

    Medium 3.0 is a place to read and write, now with a Partner Program so you can make money sharing your stories.

    Content serves for education, decision, and delight and Medium lives up to this one hundred percent. I love the findability, personalization…

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  • Ghost 2.0

    A powerful new editor, multi-language support, custom homepages, dynamic routes, custom structures and much more. Ghost 2.0 is an upgrade which is focused on power and flexibility.

    Ghost is the fastest and cleanest blog platform available now. Not just the blog layouts are minimal, functional and clean, the dashboard it…

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  • Ghost 1.0

    A new editor, new design and major upgrades
  • Ghost 3.0

    A new business model for publishing, a more powerful headless CMS and a refined publishing experience.
  • IO

    1 review
    A light-weight and powerful editor for authentic writing

    Mainly I wish paragraphs were automatically given sizable spacing between them rather than needing to skip two lines, similar to Medium.

  • Caramella

    4 reviews

    Caramella is a modern, easy and stylish blogging platform (And website maker) that lets you share impressive posts easily! Just drag & drop few widgets into a template, fill it and post!

    Good luck

  • WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”

    6 reviews

    WordPress 5.0 introduces a block-based editor that offers a streamlined editing experience. The new editor is better at inserting media content and rearranging any type of content. Each piece of content is in its own block, which is meant to help site owners decide how content is displayed.

    As a core contributing developer of WordPress, I am super excited about Gutenberg. It's an audacious project built on top of JavaScript/Reac…

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  • 200 Words a Day

    Anybody can be a writer with enough persistence and the right community. 200 words daily is all it takes.

    200 Words a Day is a community of 1500 writers that helps you reach your writing goals and become a better wordsmith.

    I'd been using it for 1 month now and had never written so much within such a short period. 200 words per day is a surprisingly low barrier.…

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  • Weava for Desktop

    1 review

    Weava for Desktop is a powerful toolkit for students, academics, and researchers to orgnanize and cite research in their papers. Now on Desktop ✨

    I like it when a product fills a niche that I need filled. Starting a research from scratch is never easy and organizing all the quotes, art…

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  • Bold

    An internal blog for your team's knowledge and big ideas.
  • Schema

    Schema is a beautiful cloud drive that allows you to store and manage all your files (PDFs, Images, MS Word, links, Google docs etc.) within a context. Collaborate with teams and organise your knowledge in a clean structure.

    It's as if Medium were to design a note-taking app. Pure delight.

  • IndieMailer

    1 review
    Rub elbows with people who have done it and know what it takes to build a successful business.
  • Write.as

    1 review

    Write.as takes away distractions, protects your identity, and publicizes your writing.

    Start writing now, no sign up required. Or see what our writers have already published.

  • Canvas

    2 reviews

    Canvas is a simple, powerful blog publishing platform. Create your own blog with unparalleled speed and efficiency and share your stories with the world on a beautiful template that didn't take 67 plugins to create. Oh, and did we mention it's free?

    Great for making social media images.

  • Ghost for Android

    5 reviews

    A fast, beautiful native Android app for Ghost with full offline support. Write, edit and publish on the go, in a train, on a plane or wherever you happen to be. Sync with your live Ghost site next time you go online.

    Available in: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Croatian and Norwegian.

    Loved how easy it was to use on a couple of my affiliate sites. Ghost keeps giving me more reasons to double down on their software. Love it…

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  • LinkedIn Publishing

    A brand new, sleek and intuitive editor
  • Blogs by Unicorn Platform

    3 reviews
    Unicorn Platform — the landing page builder for SaaS — presents its blogging tool. Creating a blog is now as easy as clicking a button.
    Create a blog today and start getting constant traffic from search engines tomorrow ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎)
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  • Strike

    Strike for macOS is a powerful outlining app that offers collaborative editing, attachment management, and smart text features such as Markdown support and the use of tags.

  • Telepost

    2 reviews

    💀️ UPDATE: The project is closed, see this tweet for more details: https://twitter.com/kossnocorp/status/1168802272916201472 💀

    Telepost generates a blog from a Telegram channel

    I was looking for such product since I started my Telegram channel one year ago. Never had discipline to cross post to multiple mediums (Tel…

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