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Telegram Bot Platform 2.0 alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for Telegram Bot Platform 2.0

Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
  • mssg.me

    mssg.me helps your customers to find the best way to contact you

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  • Messenger Platform (Beta)

    Build your bot and reach 900 million people around the world
  • Api.ai for Slack

    Build a smart conversational Slack bot in 5 minutes.
  • Message.io

    With Message.io, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the conversational workplace revolution. We enable developers to take their existing bot or conversational apps and deploy across multiple enterprise messaging platforms. We obsess over the latest platform requirements and docs, so you or your development team doesn’t have to.

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  • TDLib

    1 review

    The Telegram Database Library (TDLib) takes care of all network implementation details, encryption and local data storage, so that developers can dedicate more time to design, responsive interfaces and beautiful animations.

    TDLib a powerful library that allows building any type of app for Telegram. I use it to run Telepost (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/tele…

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  • Meya

    Meya is a customer experience (CX) automation platform that helps organizations better serve their customers via conversational interfaces on websites, mobile apps and more.

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  • Botgig

    Hire a bot development team
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  • Wit.ai Bot Engine (Beta)

    Helping developers make bots great again
  • Botsociety 2

    1 review
    Design for anything conversational.
    One tool to rule them all. Any chat platform, any voice platform. Are you working on your own custom experience? You can do that as well.
  • Chatbot by Joonbot

    6 reviews
    Joonbot is a no-code & easy-to-use conversation maker built for marketers and founders, helping them increase their website conversion rate.
    Create custom conversational interfaces in minutes that hold hundred of conversations at the same time.
  • Recast.AI

    Build your own conversational bot
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  • Manybot

    2 reviews
    πŸ”₯Manybot lets you create your own bots. Manybot is the most feature rich platform for bot creation. We combine that power with the simplicity of use. That is why over 100'000 bots are managed through our platform sending more than 15 million messages a day.
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  • Discover for Telegram

    Discover for Telegram is a small web app build overnight which let's you discover and share your favorite Telegram groups.

  • Trackly

    Trackly - it's Telegram bot which can send notifications about new upvotes and comments on any project from Product Hunt which you subscribe. Just send a link to the project on PH and bot start track it for you.

    Now you do not need to refresh the page every minute to see the new number of upvotes.

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  • Kwench Bots

    Bots (or web robots) are easy to use interactive systems of intelligence that simplify processes, automate tasks, improve productivity, build conversations and drive engagement by seamlessly interfacing with your systems of record (HRMS, CRM etc.) and systems of engagement (@workplace).

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  • BotMate

    Free options
    BotMate is a platform to build Telegram bots using modules and plugins. You can write custom modules by using JavaScript. Read more at https://docs.botmate.app.
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  • Uniot

    3 reviews
    Uniot is an IoT platform that connects creators, people who create great devices, and enjoyers who want to leverage the great variety of devices. Uniot provides flexible ecosystem and powerful tools for creating an accessible Internet of Things for everyone.
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  • Artist Messenger

    1 review

    Have conversations with your fans about new videos, general information, tour dates, or merchandising. Use our pre-built conversations or create your own.

    More features than competitors, better price.

  • Simple Stock Bot

    The Simple Stock Bots for Telegram and Discord are completely open source (MIT License), free, and easy to host for yourself if thats what you are into. The whole point is to have an easy way to talk about stocks in group chats with friends.
  • Kozzy

    Sometimes we need to hear good things, motivating things, even if it's said by a bot. For this, I made a telegram bot that will try to make you feel good 2 times a day. Also you can get new affirmation messages by writing commands on bot anytime. Take care.
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