Alternative products to Telegram 4.0

23 alternative and related products to Telegram 4.0

Telegram 4.0
The best messenger for every platform

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

23 Alternatives to Telegram 4.0

The messenger for business. All new.

The best way to talk directly to your customers in your product (web, iOS and Android) and on your website.

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Inside Intercom
Our new messenger marks the culmination of a year's worth of work. We're announcing our new messenger to help businesses more personally connect with their customers. We believe communication between businesses and customers is changing forever.
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Texting app that predicts your needs.

Magic Chat is the 1st SMS/MMS app with an AI engine that LITERALLY brings the future one step closer: by predicting what you need so you don’t have to search. It's like having a mind-reading personal assistant 🔮 right inside your texting app.

Audrey Poindessault
Audrey Poindessault- COO & Co-founder, Biggerpan
Daily use, it saves my time!
Rating and price
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Expensive Chat is a chatroom where you pay $0.01 per letter.
We all know what happens when you put a bunch of strangers in a chatroom: chaos. But what if you had to pay for each message? What would happen to the social dynamics? We'll find out today.

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The Verge
Entrepreneur Marc Köhlbrugge has launched Expensive Chat, a web-based chat service where every character typed costs a penny. As spotted by Motherboard , Köhlbrugge announced the site in a tweet, calling it "a social experiment to see what happens to a chatroom when it's not a free-for-all, but every message cost you cold, hard cash."
On Thursday morning, developer and entrepreneur Marc Köhlbrugge announced the launch of Expensive Chat, a public chat room where everyone has to pay a penny per character typed. In a tweet, Köhlbrugge said that Expensive Chat is a "a social experiment to see what happens to a chatroom when it's not a free-for-all, but every message cost you cold, hard cash."
Expensive Chat is being built in public. Pay one cent per letter
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Build, code and ship in app messaging in a few hours

A beautiful UI Kit, easy to use React/RN/iOS Components and powerful API. Build any type of Chat or Messaging experience in a matter of hours. The tech uses Go, RocksDB and Raft. Stream powers chat and activity feeds for more than 500 million users.

tschellenbach- CEO
Engagement in social networks is moving away from a broadcast mechanism to more private sharing. It's important to support both chat and feeds.
tschellenbach- CEO
Stream makes it super simple to add Chat to your application. With a beautiful UI kit, React Components and a Go powered backend API you have everything you need to get up and running. AI based moderation is integrated into the product to help reduce your moderation work load. Stream's tech reaches over 500 million end users, it's the most performant and sc… See more
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Stream, scalable news feeds and activity streams as a service. iOS, Android and web.
Stream provides an easy to use API, React components and UI kit for Chat
Stream, scalable news feeds and activity streams as a service. iOS, Android and web.
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Communicate more efficiently with your customers on iPhone

WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business.

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More than a year after WhatsApp officially introduced its app for business customers to its first markets, the previously Android-only WhatsApp Business app is today launching on the iPhone. According to the Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp Business has been adopted by millions of businesses worldw...
The Verge
WhatsApp Business, a version of the messaging app that lets small businesses connect with their customers, is now rolling out worldwide on iOS. The free app launched on iOS last month but only in a limited number of countries. WhatsApp Business has been available on Android since last year.
Facebook-owned WhatsApp today expanded its popular WhatsApp Business app to the iPhone, giving business owners a better way to interface with their customers using the chat app. With WhatsApp Business, businesses are able to create profiles with contact details, website information, and options for automated greetings, replies, and away messages.
One of the most frequent requests we've heard from small business owners is they want to use the WhatsApp Business app on the device of their choice. Now they can. Today we're introducing the WhatsApp Business app for iOS.
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6 Alternatives to WhatsApp Business iOS

Messaging without distractions

SayHenlo is a messaging platform that I built during the #24hrstartup challenge to combat conversation overload. You can only send users 1 message, and can’t send another until they respond to your last one.

14 Alternatives to SayHenlo

Automatically secure, moderate and grow Telegram communities is a bot service designed to manage your Telegram community so you don't have to. Yup, you read that right... Our bot handles loads of features to automate the quality of your community.

Seth Louey
Seth Louey- 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
Disclaimer: I'm a founder of ChatMod and BotList. I use ChatMod the most for automating my communities on Telegram. There's just way too many spammers and scammers out there, so ChatMod was created to help with security as well as moderation.
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An elegant Telegram client with killer upgrades.

Our goal is to help our users keep their chats organized.

You can finally pin 50 chats instead of 5.

Filter by category: favorites, dms, group, & announcements

Add important conversations to your favorites tab

View real-time crypto prices from Live Coin Watch

Enjoy the Telegram's world famous privacy and security

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Bitcoin News
This week, the Mac build of Bettergram, a desktop version of Telegram, was launched. It joins the PC build of the third-party desktop client, and will soon be accompanied by mobile editions. Designed specifically for the crypto community, Bettergram boasts several modifications to Telegram including a built-in cryptocurrency price checker.
"Bettergram... isn't it named Telegram?" Was the first thought that popped into my mind as I saw a tweet bringing attention to a newfangled messaging application. But don't get me wrong, Bettergram is so much more than just a medium of communication aimed at crypto enthusiasts, or at least in my eyes it is.
6 Alternatives to Bettergram Messenger

Anonymous, temporary group texts that you can paywall.

Host a temporary group text, powered by SMS, that's anonymous and shareable anywhere. No app downloads. Optionally charge people to join, and earn.
Groups are deactivated after the chosen duration - up to an hour. Host for free, or charge up to $50 to join.

9 Alternatives to Cusp

Webpage generator for your Telegram channel, group or bot is a free website generator for Telegram channels, groups and bots.


📝 Title, tagline and description

🆒 Buttons for all your channels, groups and bots

🎨 Themes

🧠 Short address (

🔍 SEO-friendly (coming soon)

This product was built during 24HR Startup Challenge (

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Notification bot for Product Hunt projects in Telegram

Trackly - it's Telegram bot which can send notifications about new upvotes and comments on any project from Product Hunt which you subscribe. Just send a link to the project on PH and bot start track it for you.

Now you do not need to refresh the page every minute to see the new number of upvotes.

7 Alternatives to Trackly

An app to help you and your friends stay together at events

- Create your own in-app Party, invite friends with Facebook or Messenger
- Group chat
- Find friends with live GPS location tracking
- Alert button for instant help
With SearchParty you’ll never lose your friends in the crowd again.

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Two Australian developers have created a brand new app that aims to improve safety and awareness for people attending music festivals. The SearchParty app allows users to create their own "party" and communicate with friends, geo-locate among large crowds and multiple festival stages and features a "world-first" alert button which notifies everyone in the cr… See more
Women Love Tech
In the wake of the recent controversial festival licensing, youth drug overdoses and calls for pill testing, a new app aims to provide added safety for all festival attendees. Launched this month by Gold Coast developers, SearchParty provides an added layer of safety and reassurance for festival-goers.
The Weekend Edition Gold Coast |
Enter SearchParty ­- an ingenious new app that keeps you connected to your friends and helps you to find each other should you get lost. Create your own 'Party' within the app, chat to members in private or public conversations, and pinpoint their location within two metres thanks to live GPS tracking with 10 millisecond updates.
Two Burleigh Heads brothers have developed an app that's aimed at making festivals much safer. It helps users locate family members and friends in big crowds. #7News
The Music
"We can't stop people from taking drugs, but we wanted to make festivals safer across the board."
"Twenty-five people were hospitalised on Australia Day weekend. Drug use is commonplace at festivals and even more people are affected by alcohol, heatstroke and dehydration. We can't stop people from taking drugs, but we wanted to make festivals safer across the board - whether people need help after an overdose, drinking too much, or even feeling vulnerabl… See more
Listen up, Gladys.
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Endless Creativity, Limitless Reach.


Wafer Messenger is the only app enabling you to create unique multimedia messages, reach out to anyone on your contact list - even if they haven’t downloaded Wafer Messenger yet - and keep your conversations absolutely private and completely safe from data mining.

Endless Creativity. Limitless Reach. Absolute Privacy

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O Wafer Messenger é um aplicativo de chat multimídia gratuito, disponível para Android e iOS, que permite ao usuário conversar com...
Olhar Digital - O futuro passa primeiro aqui
É difícil para qualquer aplicativo de mensagens novo enfrentar um monstro de popularidade como o WhatsApp. Afinal de contas, não basta conquistar o usuário; é preciso fazer com que ele convença seus amigos a instalá-lo também para poder haver uma comunicação. O Wafer é um aplicativo disponível para Android e iOS que tenta driblar essa restrição.
Wafer, zo heet de nieuwe berichtenapp die Messenger en Snapchat moet doen vergeten. Eén van de mensen achter de applicatie is Oostendenaar Niels Hoorelbeke die momenteel in Luxemburg woont. "Het unieke aan Wafer is dat je ook mensen kan bereiken die de app niet geïnstalleerd hebben."
Meet Simone La Torre, the co-founder and CEO of Wafer Messenger, one of the most creative and versatile messaging app. He's got his first Master degree in Space Engineering in Italy and a second Master degree in Business Management in France.
"Una chat per domarle tutte". È questa la frase di battaglia vincente, che vi presenta Wafer Messenger, la prima applicazione che consente di cancellare tutte le altre app di messaggistica dal vostro iPhone, radunando tutti i vostri amici su un'unica piattaforma completa e versatile.
Niels Hoorelbeke (27) is afkomstig uit Oostende, maar woont al drie jaar in Luxemburg. "Mijn vriendin is afkomstig uit het zuiden van Frankrijk, en is aan de slag in een Luxemburgs bedrijf", zo verklaart hij zijn verhuizing. Niels studeerde event- en projectmanagement aan de Artevelde Hogeschool in Gent.
Wafer pourrait bien ringardiser les ténors des applications de messagerie. Car elle va bien au delà des discussions traditionnelles à base de textes et d'images. Et en plus, un de ses créateurs est Belge! Toi aussi, viens goûter une bonne Wafer!
Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, en nu ook nog: Wafer. Wat? Ja! Wafer is een nieuwe Belgische applicatie die in het buitenland ook al een succes is. Het belooft heel veel: de chatapplicatie zou alle andere kunnen vervangen. Wafer Messenger heeft niet één nut maar meerdere: een combinatie van alle chatapplicaties die we tot nu toe kennen.
Zwei ehemalige Mitarbeiter des Satellitenbetreibers SES haben ihren Job an den Nagel gehängt, um die Welt der Instant-Messenger aus den Angeln zu heben. Wafer-Messenger heißt die Antwort auf Whatsapp & Co und wirbt damit, dass man praktisch jeden erreichen kann.
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