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Tech Blogs List

Curated list of 3,800+ tech journalists

6 alternative and related products to Tech Blogs List

Aidem Network

Launch your product on hundreds of websites with one click 🚀

Never spend months working on a new product, only to have it never be seen!

Aidem is a simple tool to get your product in front of thousands of people with a single click. 🚀

We hand-craft custom pitches for every product, then manually submit them to hundreds of journalists, communities, and directories so you can focus on the important things.

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Engineering Blogs

Curated list of engineering blogs of top tech companies

Engineering Blogs is a collection of engineering blogs from top tech companies in the world.

Learn how to build great engineering infrastructure to empower the products used by millions of people every day.

Indie Hackers
On Monday, I showed article "Reducing Slack's memory footprint" in my twitter feed. It had well explained how they think about the problems and solve them. On Tuesday, I started to look for more engineering blogs from different companies.
Show HN: Engineering Blogs-list of engineering blogs from top tech companies
5 Alternatives to Engineering Blogs

Tech Press List

Launch your startup with 100 journalist contact details

Tech Press List is a curated list of journalist contact details from 18 countries.

Indie Hackers
Hey! I don't come from a tech background, and I studied politics and Spanish at university. But I've always been intellectually curious, and I like knowing how things work. Over the last few years this has kindled an interest in technology and startups as they become more important in our lives.
Launching Tech Press List (so your startup can get press coverage) I have just released my first ever startup, Tech Press List, which connects people launching their startups with tech editors and reporters from across the world. It solves the problem startup founders have trying to get press coverage without using expensive databases or hiring a PR employee… See more
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Accessily - Guest Posts Marketplace

A marketing platform for your articles and guest posts 📝📈

Accessily is the leading platform for brands to fully own the guest posts marketing channel. Use our award winning platform or partner with our agency team for full service strategy and program execution.

Our Most Unique Features :


2-Backlink Tracker Tool

3-Schedule Guest Posts

and more other....

Trusted SEO platform. Online. Free. Complete automation of SEO including tools for tracking, backlinks building and much more.
Guest posts are a great SEO and marketing tool. if you know how to use it correctly, of course. After the demise of article directories and changes in the search ranking algorithms that made many other ways of getting backlinks obsolete, guest posting on reputable sites remains the best way to promote your website SEO and to drive customers.
Check out how you can save 99% of the time you will spend on outreach tool and choose Accessily guest posts platform to maximize your SEO plan.
10 Alternatives to Accessily - Guest Posts Marketplace

What is the best approach / tool to reach relevant press and media to your app?

Hassan Khater
Pressfarm - Find journalists to write about your startup.
"I remember hearing about this a little while back, and the top comment in that post really hits it home. Pressfarm seems to have good categ… See more
Tech Blogs List - Curated list of 3,800+ tech journalists
"I made this quick website to allow everyone to access over 3,800 tech journalists, it also has a tab for blogs accepting guests posts and y… See more

Is there a service/tool to discover and contact industry relevant blogs to promote my product?

Andy DavisMaker, iOS developer
Promotehour - List of the best places to promote your startup
"A curated list of free places to post your startup. There are several communities in each niche which get 1000's of traffic which includes … See more
Pressfarm - Find journalists to write about your startup.
"Have discovered Pressfarm which focuses specifically on the contacts piece. I have heard of other apps and tools that provided contacts as … See more
Hey Press - Free searchable database finds journalists for your startup
"Hey, we use it's free if you're happy to only find few, or starts approx $15/months. Good luck :)"
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