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Teamwork Projects
Big picture project management software.

Teamwork Projects is project management software that frees your team to focus on the outcomes that matter to your business — from delivering on clients' goals, to executing marketing campaigns, to sprint planning and product launches.
OKR goal-planning and execution management software
8 Alternatives to Teamwork Projects

Zenkit is a tool you can use to organize anything: Collaborate with your team, track projects, build databases, or simply manage your personal to-do lists. Zenkit is flexible enough to fit any workflow, and powerful enough to run your business on.

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Владимир Тарасов
I dont know if it is little known. I recomend it for all PM. Good workspace. Easy to use.
I would recommend you Zenkit, a collaborative Projectmanagement Tool. We invented a flexible workspace you can use to organize anything. Zenkit allows you to manage your data in any way you need to, with different views and filter. We recently had an update with new views and filters. And it’s free to use, so give it and try and tell us what you think. (Disc… See more
Jessi Lu
You may find Zenkit helpful. It´s a SaaS for project management but because of its flexibility, you can create with it everything you need to manage your business. Kanban, Table, Calendar, List or Mind Map - switch easily between the views. To collaborate with your team is also easy because you can assign tasks, communicate via mentioning and get notificatio… See more
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Regardless which productivity system or method you prefer, Zenkit is an all-in-one webapp that can help you manage your big projects and activities using the system that works for you. It's free (for now, it's in beta), but it looks good-minimal and distraction-free, but powerful under the hood.
Trello may have met its master. With Zenkit, you can seamlessly move between To-Do list, calendar, and Trello's signature Kanban board. Every team member can work with the view they like best.
The Next Web
For a while now, Trello has been my project management tool of choice. For those who haven't used it, Trello lets you break down tasks and projects into manageable deliverables, which are then organized and prioritized on a Kanban Board.
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Mobilize 2.0 is an online home for your community.

Sam Rye
I didn't realise that I hadn't already added Mobilize, and they just released their 2.0 I like their ability to include people in discussions without requiring them to sign up for an account.
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Zenkit 3.0 is a new way for users to share their work online with published and embedded collections, a documented API, new integrations, brand new mobile apps, and more (for free!)

Dinnie Muslihat
Hey Arthur, I can recommend Zenkit as a great free todo app. It can be integrated with Google Calendar and accommodates to the other features you are seeking. We've also recently released the newest version, so you can enjoy a sleek design with other ways to share your data. I work closely with the dev team, so I can pass on any feedback you may have. :)
Good tool which helps you and your team get things done and organized!
You can organize your files and other data easily with Zenkit. It supports fields like files, links, texts, numbers, dates, etc. Sort them out by adding labels (tags)! Then you can either use the filter or search function to quickly find the correct item...In your case, you can even organize and visualize your files the way you want by switching among differ… See more
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t3n Magazin
Zenkit soll bei der Umsetzung noch so komplexer Projekte unterstützen. Version 3 erweitert die Features dafür. Das Karlsruher Startup hinter Zenkit hat Version 3 seines Projektmanagement-Tools veröffentlicht. Projekte können jetzt öffentlich geteilt und in Websites eingebettet werden. Außerdem gibt's neue mobile Apps, eine erweiterte Kalender-Synchronisation… See more
There's no darth of Trello-style project management services, but while the core of Zenkit is exactly that, it's also far more flexible than most and offers plenty of ways to adjust the service to your style of work (and beyond Kanban). Today, the company is launching version 3.0 of its...
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