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Teams for Wire alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for Teams for Wire

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  • Slack for Mac

    5 reviews
    A new, improved Slack desktop app for Mac

    Don't want a white background within messaging window. Found a hack but have to redo every time a new update comes out.

  • Workplace by Facebook

    2 reviews
    Connect everyone in your company and turn ideas into action

    If you are working for a company that has multiple topics at the same time running in the one department/team thinking about a feed based co…

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  • Loop Email

    Loop brings team messaging to your inbox so you and your team can email and chat from one app.

    This desktop and mobile app works with your Gmail, Outlook or any Office365 account. It's available for Mac OS, Windows and iOS with the Android app coming soon.

    Install Loop, connect it with your existing inbox and start messaging with your team!

    I hope this is here to stay.

  • Microsoft Teams

    2 reviews
    Microsoft Teams is the digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place
  • Basecamp 3

    7 reviews

    Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place.

    It's a really nice app for remote teams. The only downside is that it doesn't allow kanban alike canvas to manage projects.

  • Mattermost 1.0

    2 reviews
    Alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging, Mattermost brings team communication into one place making it searchable and accessible anywhere. Written in Golang & React and run as a production-ready Linux binary under an MIT license with either MySQL or Postgres

    Mattermost is a breeze to install, configure and run. No flakiness, dependencies or arcane error messages. That's gives confidence to to run…

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  • Swit

    Frustrating to go back & forth between work tools? Swit is One App to replace Slack and Trello! You can share your tasks to chat members simply by drag-and-drops! Switch off your apps & Swit On! It's FREE now to help anyone that may be affected by COVID19.

    I believe that this will be a huge help in improving your productivity

  • itsBeat

    1 review
    Beat treats your team's daily messaging in a special way. It gives you the power to convert it into a clear plan. With tasks, files, deadlines and all the details. Your information is in one single tab, so great ideas and significant content stays safe.

    Onboarding was very easy

  • ShortPoint

    1 review

    ShortPoint is a subscription software that helps teams build gorgeous and engaging intranets with no coding from their existing content systems, such as Office 365, SAP Portal and SharePoint.

    Definitely recommend this product!

  • Collabe

    1 review

    Collabe is a Team communication tool for modern teams loaded with all essentials features such as direct messaging, group messaging, file sharing, favourites & mentions, Notes. All at cost of ZERO dollar.

    works good

  • Heymarket

    Heymarket allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a team-friendly way.