Alternative products to Teampaper Snap

5 alternative and related products to Teampaper Snap

Teampaper Snap
Take a snapshot, highlight key areas and share feedback

Voice your thoughts on anything you see on a screen momentarily. Just pick an area, comment and share the screenshot with the world. Teampaper Snap will become a daily assistant for both digital professionals and enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their opinion.

5 Alternatives to Teampaper Snap

The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration

John Kappa
John Kappa- Designer, Perception Design
Game changer!
Jonathan Simcoe
Jonathan Simcoe- Futurist, with reservations. //////\
I implemented this tool @meetcircle and the team still uses it. I also use it to power all my personal digital design work for screens and web. Figma is the best interface design tool on the market, bar none. Components allow you to build living design systems on your own or with a team of people.
Stefan Theofilos
Stefan Theofilos- Product Designer, Entrepreneur
I transferred my team over to Figma from Sketch and I love it!. The real-time collaboration is key.
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Upload Mac screenshots anywhere, immediately paste URL

Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)- Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
I use captured all the time. It's very simple and easy to use.
6 Alternatives to Captured

Check-in with your team - any device, any channel

TenFour is a check-in tool for flash polling to your team. If you are responsible for people it helps you quickly answer the question, "who needs help?" It works across SMS, email, Slack, and apps.

Around the web
Tech In Africa
TechInAfrica - A Nairobi-based crisis management software, Ushahidi launched a messaging app that runs on SMS. It is called TenFour with a quick check-in system. The idea was coming from a past experience where one of its team members involved in a terrorist attack.
TenFour is a check-in application for teams. Because people talk on so many channels, it's hard to reach them, particularly if one has a dispersed team or community, and particularly when it's urgent. If you are responsible for people, either as an HR manager, a principal, or a team leader, TenFour helps you quickly do daily check-ins, run quick polls, and a… See more
4 Alternatives to TenFour
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