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Beautiful Project Management App For Creative Studios

6 Alternatives to Team

One place for team's goals, notes, files and communication

Swipes Workspace brings the pieces of team's work in one place. It's a beautiful app to help teams Plan projects, Discuss ideas and Take action on the priorities. It's that simple. No more 10s of apps to dig in, hundreds of open browser tabs and crazy stream of notifications to react on. Just the Workspace.

Yana Vlatchkova
Yana Vlatchkova- COO & Co-founder of Swipes
It's a beautiful tool that keeps the work of the team in one place. It's easy to unite people around a goal, give each other feedback and celebrate small & big wins together. Give it a try if you want to and let me know how your experience goes. :) We are a small team of 5 that builds it with our hearts and cherishes every user comment.
Yana Vlatchkova
Yana Vlatchkova- COO & Co-founder of Swipes
Sachin, I see your point. Having visibility over what people are working on is crucial. I believe it's as important for you to see, as for other to see the progress of their colleagues. It keeps everyone accountable, it's easy for people to help each other out and appreciate the work of others. In the Workspace, you can plan the work with your team, set go… See more
Rob Bye
Rob Bye- I build products and companies
I'm keen to try this!
3 Alternatives to Swipes Workspace

Focus-as-a-Service: easy, flexible goal-tracking for teams 🎯

Emails, bugs, incidents, meetings. Work keeps us busy, and it can often distract us from our goals.

Squadlytics helps you keep in mind what's important and share progress easily with continuous feedback. We built it to help teams stay focused - and we keep it super light so that it doesn't get in the way.

6 Alternatives to Squadlytics
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