Alternative products to Target Your Competitor 2.0

13 alternative and related products to Target Your Competitor 2.0

Target Your Competitor 2.0
Instant growth tool for makers and B2C products

Target Your Competitor 2.0 is one of the most effective growth campaign tool for your product. We send a personalised tweet to all the followers of your competitor on Twitter from real people.

13 Alternatives to Target Your Competitor 2.0

See anyone's Analytics account. View their sales, and how they get them, all in real-time. See which growth hacks work, and which flop. See which products and features get used and which ones don't.

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Interview with Mike Roberts Founder of SpyFu and Nacho Analytics: If you had the opportunity to research your competitors' data, would you? Well, you can! Tune in to hear Founder of SpyFu and Nacho Analytics Mike Roberts explain the importance of historical data in digital marketing.
7 Alternatives to Nacho Analytics

Tim Hill
Tim Hill- Co-Founder / CEO, Social Status
Social Status is a social analytics platform that enables you to track and report on your social performance and how it compares against competitors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Tweegenic1- Noble Investor
Nice concept though.
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Most marketers still spend countless hours in Excel wrangling data for their reports and manually creating charts. There still isn't an effective social analytics platform built for the mass market which effectively automates social reporting. That's the problem we're solving.
18 Alternatives to Social Status

Serves custom stock photos to users based on location

phocale is a service for digital marketers, designers, marketers or experience managers that automatically detects your user's location and curates a custom, personalized photograph from the closest landmark or city to your user...all with one line of code.

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UX Planet
A critical component to creating an excellent user experience inside your app is personalized content. UX design can be key to making a great first impression with your users, or even getting the opt-in on app permissions. Personalizing content is equally important. In push notifications, personalization can boost open rates by up to 800 percent.
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