Alternative products to TAPP 2

11 alternative and related products to TAPP 2

Worlds first smart biodegradable water filter

TAPP 2 is the simple, affordable and environmentally friendly way to get fresh, clean water at home.

11 Alternatives to TAPP 2

Smart kitchen tap for filtration and touchless on/off

AutoWater Pro is an add-on that turns any faucet into a touchless, smart device. With a simple swiping motion, you may turn the tap on or off. This way, you can stay germ free and eliminate cross-contamination. It's strong purifying forces at the molecular level ensures the highest level of chlorine adsorption while making zero compromise in water flow.

7 Alternatives to AutoWater Pro

Re-imagining CPG to eliminate single-use plastic packaging

Blueland is re-imagining CPG to eliminate single-use plastic packaging. We're starting with proprietary cleaners sold as the Clean Up Kit: 3 Forever Bottles, 3 different nickel-sized tablets. They're 300x lighter, 200x smaller and $2/refill. Fill, drop, clean!

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If you quickly scan through the products under your sink-counter spray, window cleaner, dish soap-they all have one thing in common: Water is their main ingredient. Until now, few consumers thought this was a problem. But as a growing number of people become increasingly aware of both climate change and plastic pollution, the outsize environmental impact of … See more
When Sarah Paiji Yoo first learned that microplastics - tiny particles of broken down plastic - are polluting the food we eat and water we drink, she was stunned. Recent studies have shown that not only are there more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the world's oceans, but also that microplastics can be found in just about everything we consume, includi… See more
Sarah Paiji had the idea to launch the eco-friendly refillable cleaning supply retailer Blueland after hearing about the abundance of microplastics in the water she was using to dilute her child's baby formula. Paiji wanted to cut back on her plastic consumption, and reduce her contribution t...
13 Alternatives to Blueland

The most powerful nanobubble faucet aerator

MiniBle S is a thumb-sized faucet aerator that can upgrade the quality of our home water usage. Installed on the average faucet, water flows through the MiniBle S and is filled with abundant amounts of nanobubbles, which are able to achieve the effects of cleansing, bacteria-killing and food preservation.

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Turn your home water into the strongest detergent
The Crowdfunding Center
Turn your home water into the strongest detergent | Deep cleansing | Bacteria-Killing | Food Preservation - We turn on the faucet at least 4-5 times a day, to wash our hands, to wash our face, to wash
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