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Tankee alternatives and competitors

Tankee is the first safe, digital destination for kids ages 6-to-12 years-old to enjoy gaming videos. The on-demand entertainment platform brings kids and their parents age-appropriate gaming videos to one location and features a diverse lineup of curated and licensed gaming content through its unique partnerships.

The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Messenger Kids is a free video chat & messaging app built for kids. Connect with parent-approved family & friends from a tablet or smartphone today.

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    My love of tech started young, and I am all for my children building digital communication skills including photography & illustration. โ€ฆ

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  • YouTube Kids

    YouTube for the youngins on iOS and Android
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  • Replica Model S with swappable battery
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  • Kidpreneurs

    Entrepreneurship for kids 6-12 years old
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  • KidPass

    Discover and book amazing kids activities!
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  • Tales Untold

    Smart stories for smart kids (and smart parents, too).
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  • At Kindaba, weโ€™re building a space where you can keep all family communication in one place. Our features are designed to include the whole family. As more of our lives are lived online, and we raise children in this digital age, we want a safe space for them to interact with their private family network.

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    Privacy is becoming increasingly more important and Kindaba are looking to capitalise on this. I can't wait to see how their product evolvesโ€ฆ

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  • Kudos is designed to inspire our future athletes, artists and doodlers, young explorers, bookworms, little rockers, and computer whizzes to have the courage to express themselves, to create, to co-exist, connect and to respect one another.

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  • Hopster 3.0

    Entertainment and learning app for toddlers
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  • Jellies

    Jellies is the first kids video app not driven by ads that's been powered by an amazing team of human editors (since day one).

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  • Yuggler

    Fun activities for kids and family!
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  • The DGaming Store is a multifaceted platform dedicated to blockchain gaming. Users can discover new games by genre as well as see statistics on their performance. They can take part in exclusive item sales, and educate themselves via our popular media website.
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  • Green Timer

    Do you know how your child spend time for the media such as smart devices, TV, games, animations, etc? The recommended screen time is less than 1 or 2 hours for children aged 3 to 8. ( by American Academy of Pediatrics and Canadian Pediatric Association )

    'Green Timer' is to record screen time for your child. We focused on the most basic functions. It records time and gives statistics. Whatever the media you child uses, you can easily record screen time of your kids.

    Tap the 'Start' button when your child starts using the media, and tap the 'Stop' button when the child stops using the media. 'Green Timer' automatically records the time between these.

    You can easily check whether the time limit is over or not with a green circle. The green status is less than the time limit, and the red status has exceeded the time limit. And you can easily check the usage time between 7 days, 1 month, 1 year through statistics.

    It is also a very useful tool for children. Children aged 5 to 8 can start and end our app themselves. You may want to let them use it directly. It will help your child develop proper media usage habits.

    [ Usage ]

    1. Tap the 'Start Recording' button when your child starts using the Media.

    2. You can set a time alert.

    3. Tap the 'Stop' button when your child stops using the Media.

    ( The screen time will be accumulated until 'Stop' button is pressed. )

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  • Monster Messenger is the instant messenger kids and their families have been wainting for!

    Safe, simple and fun, from 5 to 12

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    Love to use this app with my two little girls and wife.