Alternative products to TalentTrail

5 alternative and related products to TalentTrail

How hot startups find college talent
5 Alternatives to TalentTrail

Netflix for startups, reinvented.

Netlodge 3.0 is the re-development of the first ever platform back when we launched in 2014. Our team of professional curators will bring their expertise and “handicraft” to selecting unique, high quality content of startups and business related news, so that you can spend less time searching and more time enriching your mind.

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Although many have tried, few have succeeded at creating a unique and profitable website. However, Sophomore Yan Gorshtenin has been successful in founding the innovative website "Netlodge." Netlodge, a database targeted for startup companies, entrepreneurs and investors, consists of over 25,000 videos of high quality entrepreneur and business guidebooks fro… See more
If you're a startup junkie like myself, chances are you like finding new social networks and connecting with other entrepreneurs. Well, here's another one for you to check out. Netlodge is a unique platform that allows entrepreneurs to share media (videos and images) with one another, learn from one another, and make valuable connections.
In this interview with Yan Gorshtenin, founder & CEO of Netlodge, we discuss his entrepreneurial journey, the creation of Netlodge, and what's coming next. Yan describes himself as a highly energetic and motivated strategy and operations professional. He has experience in marketing, analytics, and strategic partnership experience and, has a successful track … See more
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Yan Gorshtenin, 16 year old entrepreneur , founder & CEO of Netlodge, an Innovative Growth Engine for Startups to share their content to other founders, startups or investors. Netlodge holds over 35,000 videos on startup, tech, sales and marketing content. I am a highly energetic and motivated strategy and operations professional.
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