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Take The Bait

A blog about building your MVP & finding your first customer

Take The Bait is a blog about how profitable startups built their MVPs & found their very first customers.


When building my first product, I was really concerned about how long it would take to build and when would I get my first paying customer, So i asked around and put my findings into this blog. Hope you like it.

7 Alternatives to Take The Bait

Get your MVP built for $20/hour.

Get your MVP built for $20/hour. We'll help you figure out the most basic version of your idea for FREE too, so you can ship faster and cheaper.

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nioperas06- Rookie
Dust’s mission is to build a future where the world can launch 10,000 startups every day for $100 each.
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This is our 4th iteration of Dust, and this time we're taking an approach of building per hour. In some of our previous iterations, it was difficult to figure out what constituted an MVP, and this new approach encourages people to ship less features because of the hourly pricing we've adopted.
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Building 5-6 minimal viable products in 12 months

Baited is an archive of projects and content about building products, growth strategies and sharing the results openly. For the next year I will be creating 5-6 startups and writing content around them.

Dominik Kugelmann
Dominik Kugelmann- I show CEOs how to work form their phone
I found another interesting app for testing and shipping MVP's to test your product(s).
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How to build a simple and effective hero banners that will increase user conversion with examples of good and bad headline and subheader copy
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Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.