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Tab Title Animation Generator

Capture 👋the attention of tab hoarders back to your site.

Fact: People browse with a bazillion tabs open.

Let's kindly remind them to check your page out while they browse other open tabs. This geeky animation will surely grab their attention.

This simple script will swap out your meta title with scrolling text if users leave to another tab. It's subtle enough that it does not get annoying.


Save 95% memory by converting all your open tabs into a list

Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter in Google Chrome. OneTab converts all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

Ivan Burban- Head of Digital Marketing at Stripo
I used it one year, it's great application for Chrome!
Max Ogles- Marketing at Mobile Coach
So useful for researching. You can research a bunch of articles, save them all in one category, and even share the list of links with other people. I love OneTab!
John Elbing
This app does one simple thing extremely well. With one click, it closes all your tabs and creates a list accessible as a web page. You can reopen them one by one or all at once. I invariably open many tabs that are related. When I search on Google, I will open a dozen tabs in the background and go through them later. Working on a project, I can have as many… See more
8 Alternatives to OneTab

Tab Snooze

Browser Extension that snoozes tabs. Mailbox for tabs!

Samujjal Purkayastha- VP Growth, MoEngage
I use Toby for managing "groups" of tabs, but for those on off situations where I don't need to work on that tab then, but need to get a hold of it some time in the future (definite or not), I use Tab Snooze.
Dimitar Raykov- Designer. Built
One more. I use it mainly as "Read it later" tool that however actually works and you don't end up with 100+ links in the end of the week. 👍
Malcolm Ocean- Founder, Complice
Lets you hide tabs and have them come back later. Tons of uses for this, from having a stats/news/habit page show up every day to snoozing your conversation or lecture notes until the next scheduled time and having them magically reappear at the moment you need them! (I wrote an article on tons of ways to use it:
10 Alternatives to Tab Snooze
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