Alternative products to Tab Counter

10 alternative and related products to Tab Counter

Tab Counter
View real-time stats for any website in your brower tabs

10 Alternatives to Tab Counter

Visualize interesting stats about web pages and websites

View beautiful statistics about web pages and websites, with insights such as the following:

• Internal and outbound links

• Most frequent words

• Key phrases

• Total word count

• Most frequent pages

• And more...

Statsify is available in three formats: a website, a chrome extension, and a free API.

5 Alternatives to Statsify

Wrap your browser tabs! Group them, save them and share them

Wrapper browser extension that lets you control your tabs. Group your tabs into wrappers. View/open them anytime you want from anywhere. Share wrappers with friends and colleagues. Available on Chrome & Firefox.

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A simple, real-time & anonymous page view counter.

Issa Crowd lets your site's users see how many other people are at the same path as them!

For online courses, sales pages or even just your home page Issa Crowd adds a little sense of community through a real time counter.

This is a fun weekend project that I thought I'd share!

5 Alternatives to Issa Crowd
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