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Synk.io alternatives and competitors

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Top Synk.io alternatives
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  • The private network for music professionals

    https://www.jboykinsax.com/post/... Jammcard | The Best Music Networking App for Professional Musicians.

  • Polychops

    Polychops is a set of tools and a social network for musicians 🎸🥁🎺

    Our goal is to help musicians get more out of their practice and explore new horizons.

    We have put an accent on availability and ease of use. Polychops works in your browser. Everything you make there has a unique URL you can share ❤️

  • Vezt

    Vezt is the first mobile app where music fans can acquire rights in their favorite songs and recordings. It exists to improve the music industry by providing artists, songwriters and producers with funding sourced directly from their fans on a global basis. In exchange, fans get the right to receive royalties earned by their songs and recordings.

  • Gamification has been applied to Musicraiser crowdfunding service, giving life to the new Musicraiser Accelerator: a dedicated program that assists the artist throughout all the stages of the publication of a new album, from fundraising to music distribution, from the production to the promotion, providing all the services of a record label.

  • Bandr

    Bandr is the newest way to find musicians in your local area.

    Want somebody to jam with? Fed up with posting in classifieds, hoping to find that last member of your band? That’s where Bandr comes in.

    Bandr is passionate about music and musicians. We’re one of a kind, allowing you to connect with other musicians in a new and more updated way

  • MusicDigi is the best way to sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, and other stores while keeping 100% of your rights and royalties.

    Great music distribution company. Love them. Very helpful customer service, much more than other companies. Great value and good for both ne…

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