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SwitchGlass alternatives and competitors

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SwitchGlass adds a dedicated application switcher to your Mac. You can customize its appearance, size, and position on each attached display. Use it to bring one or all of an app’s windows to the front, or as a drag-and-drop target to open files.

Top alternatives for SwitchGlass

  • TouchSwitcher

    2 reviews
    Switch between apps with just the Touch Bar

    Can't wait to see more features.

  • SpaceLauncher for Mac

    Hold spacebar while pressing a key to launch/switch apps
  • Charmstone

    Free options
    Using spatial memory to launch and switch apps in macOS creates a surprising productivity boost. Charmstone is a unique but simple spin on cmd+tab & the dock that easily fits into your workflow. It's especially great if you hide your dock.
  • AppSwitcher for Mac

    Payment required
    For Beautiful Presentation of your Apps. On the iOS-like Big Sur.
    Switch between Apps and Switch to, show only that App. "Hide Others Always On".
    Have a Clean Desktop + App.
  • Manico

    Manico is a fast app launch and switch tool designed for OS
  • rcmd

    1 review
    Payment required
    rcmd makes app switching instantaneous!

    When you have a lot of apps open, finding and switching to them might feel too slow using Command-Tab or the Dock.

    Hold down the right side |⌘ command| and press the first letter of the app name to focus it.
  • App Pier for MacOS

    App Pier for MacOS is keyboard-centric fast app launcher and switcher for MacOS with strong touch bar support. Features:

    * See and open running apps together with your pinned apps.

    * Search and launch any application from Application Folder

    * Open your favorite folders

    * Focus Mode: Hide other app's windows when an app is launched

    * Touch Bar

  • Ambi Launcher

    Ambi Launcher is utility for quick app switching on Mac. It allows to launch apps with quick move of pointer to the edge of a screen and back. It's faster then tapping on icon in dock. Even more it launches AppleScript scripts so you can use it to activate a tab with Producthunt site.

    Lite version is FREE!