Alternative products to Survicate 2.0

Survicate 2.0

The fastest way to collect feedback from customers

5 alternative products to Survicate 2.0


The easiest way to collect & manage feedback

Dan Leveille- Product Marketing Manager, DeviantArt
I'm shocked that more brands — especially the smaller startups — aren't using Canny, a tool that lets you collect and manage user feedback. Canny gives a voice to users, letting them upvote their favorite feature requests (or upvote bugs they really want fixed), and helps developers quantify feedback. I use it all the time to help plan out my product's roadm… See more
Dan Leveille- Product Marketing Manager, DeviantArt
I love using Canny for product management because it helps me quantify user interests in feature requests. As a single developer with a ton of feature requests to go through, it's hard to quantify what users want. Canny lets users vote on their favorite feature requests so I can know what users want most.
Dan Leveille- Product Marketing Manager, DeviantArt
Definitely more lightweight than Jira or other robust project management systems, Canny lets you publicly list upcoming features/products/bug fixes, and users can submit their own ideas and vote on which features they're most passionate about.


Gather feedback (NPS) from your customers

Caleb Elston- Co-founder of Delighted
Hi everyone, I'm one of the Co-founders of Delighted. We're excited to finally open up to any business that wants to join. We've been secretly testing the product and working with great companies for the past year to help them get more useful feedback from their customers and use that feedback to make their products better and more loved. Will be around all… See more

Customer Feedback Portal

User feedback you can link straight to your backlog

Janna Bastow- Co-founder, ProdPad
Hey Product Hunters! Great to see our Customer Feedback Portal on here. I’m the co-founder of ProdPad (a tool for managing your roadmap and backlog), where we noticed that existing customer feedback tools weren’t cutting it for product managers and their teams. Product people aren’t comfortable with voting systems and public forums - it sucks to have your… See more

Best way to ask users one question and save the response?

Asked by Hussein YahfoufiFamily. Tech. Real Estate. Flamenco.
Iterate - Get the feedback you need to build better products
"We'll have this exactly product soon :)"
Survicate 2.0 - The fastest way to collect feedback from customers
"I am giving this one a shot"
doopoll - Create live, instant, editable polls effortlessly
"Hey Hussein, You might want to check out; our platform could probably deliver against your needs :)"
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