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SuperCook alternatives and competitors

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Find recipes for ingredients you already have.
Automate SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance in weeks
  • NYT Cooking

    NYT Cooking is a subscription offering from The New York Times. It is a digital, cross-platform cooking service that helps users discover the world’s best recipes, save and organize their cooking life and serve as an approachable guide in the kitchen.
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  • Tasty the Cookbook

    BuzzFeed's viral Tasty videos, now in book format 🍽
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  • Average Cookbook

    Everyone cooks a recipe a little differently. For example, a recipe for "brownies" have have either cocoa or chocolate, or both!

    The Average Cookbook is a tool to cluster the millions of recipes on the internet into average recipes, so you can choose the exact variation you want to to cook!

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  • CookBrite

    Make a delicious meal with the ingredients you already have!
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  • Sidecook

    Sidecook is reinventing what it means to have a home-cooked meal. Our goal is to make everyday life easier, healthier and more fun by making the luxury of a personal cook accessible to everyone.

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  • Plum

    A simple Messenger bot for quickly finding great recipes.
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  • Nibble is a food recommendation engine whose purpose is to find you your next meal! No longer do you have to waste time trying to answer the age-old question of “Where should I eat”?
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  • Heat Sync

    A simple cooking app for the Preoccupied. Enter prep, cook and cool times for each ingredient in your dish and receive reminders when it's time to take action. Ensuring all your ingredients are ready at the right time and giving you time to step away from the kitchen and live your life, be the best you, or do whatever else you'd rather be doing.

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  • What Can I Cook At Home

    Our platform offers the possibility of searching for recipes that only require the ingredients you have around the house. You can also save your favorite recipes, add yours so that the next time you want to cook them, find them faster.
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  • Created by a French nutrition coach, Fast French Food is a meal planning service that provides you with easy and delicious French dinner plans, recipes, and grocery lists that save you time, money, and help you eat healthy. Say goodbye to stressing over meal planning and cooking. Fast French Food is your solution to a healthier lifestyle!

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    Very quick and easy meal planning. French food is tasty and this site service makes it look so easy. Laura, the owner of the site is approac…

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  • Wataeat

    Free options
    Create your own diet plan according to personal number of calories. Save your weekly meals and get personal exercises to burn them. Save summary in .pdf for easy printing and sharing.
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  • Picknprep

    Free options
    Picknprep shows you recipes based on ingredients you already have at home.
    You also specify your preferences, such as whether you are vegan or have an intolerance to nuts.
    Each recipe comes with full nutritional information. Shop less, waste less, cook more.
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  • Flavorfox

    Flavorfox provides flavor pairings by analyzing recipes. We provide pairings in the sweet kitchen, the savory and for cocktails.
    We also categorize the flavorings to provide inspiration - white flavors for a wedding cake, spring-themed cocktails, and more.
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