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Herbal tonics for humankind
Founded because one of us had an auto-immune disease and the other believes in fueling the plant powered movement. Our mission is simple, nourish and re-energize the human connection to our bodies, our planet and each other by harnessing the power of herbs.
Stripe Payments
A fully integrated suite of payments products for startups
8 Alternatives to Sunwink
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Kin Euphorics makes the world's first euphorics: a new way to wind down for those seeking conscious connection after dark. Euphorics are created with the finest ingredients ranging from nootropics and adaptogenic plants to flavorful botanics.


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Kin will actually give you the pick-me-up that many turn to alcohol for - and don't get. What if a night of drinking actually made you feel more focused, more connected, and improved your mood? And what if it came without the hangover?
When considering all the nuggets of wisdom that I retained from my college experience, alongside the value of an internship, the defining works of the expressionist movement, and "how to build a media plan" exists a long list of alcohols to avoid at all costs.
We were somewhere around a barstool, on the edge of Soho, when the drugs began to take hold. The mood-altering medium of the evening? Kin, the first of a newly invented category of functional beverages called "euphorics."
8 Alternatives to Kin Euphorics
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We're always dreaming up new ways to help you sleep better, because sometimes it takes more than a great mattress to get there. Enter new CBD Sleep Gummies, the latest step in our quest to bring sound sleep to everyone who needs it.
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Casper wants to help you get in the mood to sleep even before you lie down on one of its beds. The mattress startup is launching a new line of gummies to help you catch some Zs with three other letters-CBD.
That's right: Mattress startup Casper is launching its own version of CBD-infused gummies, created in partnership with edibles company Plus. This is just the latest in Casper's efforts to expand beyond mattresses with the addition of sheets, pillows, dog beds, portable lamps and more. I...
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