Alternative products to Summize 2.0

31 alternative and related products to Summize 2.0

Summize 2.0
Scan a photo of your textbook — get a summary & more
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
31 Alternatives to Summize 2.0

Michael Banks
Because of the quality of the summaries and the brilliant artwork.
Kevin William David
Instaread gives you short summaries & takeaways from books in audio format and the quality is amazing. No 1 in my opinion!
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Meet Rahul Chitrapu, the co-founder and CEO of Instaread, an app providing you the key insights and takeaways from bestselling nonfiction books in 15 minutes or less. He has worked in a number of industries prior to tech startups including chemicals, oil & gas, big pharma and nuclear power plants.
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