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15 alternative and related products to SummarizeBot

A blockchain-powered bot that summarizes information for you

SummarizeBot is a AI and Blockchain-powered chatbot that analyzes a document, weblink or multimedia file, extracts its main ideas and puts them into a short summary.

15 Alternatives to SummarizeBot

Get a summary of virtually anything in seconds

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Content summarization app Summize has released version 2.0 of its smartphone application, which brings along with it a host of new features and tools for condensing textbook content and news articles. Founded by 18-year-old Rami Ghanem, Summize got off to an incredible start when it was released two months ago, topping the App Store charts in numerous countr… See more
Business Insider
If you had checked the App Store's top paid chart in the US on Sunday, March 27, you would have seen mostly familiar games like "Minecraft" and "HeadsUp!" About 24 hours later, an unknown studying app called Summize had dethroned them all to take the coveted top spot.
11 Alternatives to Summize

Scan a photo of your textbook — get a summary & more

Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell- No-coder 👉
The first version shot to the top of the App Store immediately, but their backend wasn't ready for it. So it died and then the second version was re-built. One of the best summarising tools out there
26 Alternatives to Summize 2.0

An AI tool that researches and summarizes any topic for you

Just type a URL or term you want to search for. If it is a URL, Gamayun will extract the text, read it, summarize it and present you with the summary.

If it isn't, Gamayun will search the web for it, read everything that can be found, summarize it and present you the summary, the original sources and the original texts.

11 Alternatives to Gamayun

Read books via email 💌📚

Bookman is for those that like to read a lot and want a way to keep reading with discipline but don't have time to sit with a book.

After signing up and uploading your ebook, you get snippets from the book via emails. You can click on the “Read more” button to get the next snippet.


12 Alternatives to Bookman

There’s a ton of information we must process daily. Being faster at it makes a huge difference in our personal development. With Blast you will increase your reading speed while keeping it enjoyable.

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More than 5000 years ago, Sumerians in Mesopotamia created cuneiform script. It was the first time humans used writing for something else than accounting. They were only able to write on limestone, then came papyrus, and finally paper. It was paramount to write text organised in pages, due to the physical support used for writing.
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6 Alternatives to Blast Reader

Summary - Automatic Text Summarizer

With the exponential growth of the internet, people often find themselves overwhelmed with data and information which in most cases is textual.

Summary solves this issue by automatically summarizing text without affecting it’s meaning using a unique ML algorithm.

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What's your background and how did you come up with the idea for your project? I am currently a 17-year-old grade 12 student in India. My father has always had a keen interest in technology and maybe this is the reason why I was deeply interested in this field.
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6 Alternatives to Summary
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