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Studio Case
A modular system to keep your design tools organized.

Machined in single pieces from gorgeous Pennsylvania hardwoods, the Studio Case is a stylish, modular system for artists, designers, and anyone who needs a studio on the go. Studio Case is infinitely changeable, with 3 choices for your modules: Pencil, Marker, and Utility Trays. Each one is handmade in Pittsburgh, PA. USA by KerfCase.

10 Alternatives to Studio Case

All metal stationery in homage to the BIC

Kensa, an all metal set of pens and mechanical pencils inspired by the Bic ballpoint to challenge the disposable nature of ballpoints, and offer a long lasting alternative.

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The KENSA Pen & Pencil by APT Studio Kickstarter Announcement The KENSA Pen and Pencil are a new set of premium machined writing instruments from the crew at APT Studios. This pen and pen are designed around the iconic ballpoint pen, but in materials that are meant to last a lifetime.
There are two sorts of people in the world. Traditionalists/purists, who love the classics, and Neophiles, who are excited by the groundbreaking and the innovative. Kensa is a writing instrument that's surprisingly for both. It innovates but stays true to its roots, being a modern interpretation of the classic hexagonal-bodied Biro ballpoint pen.
The Pen Addict
What if you could build your perfect pen and pencil around a classic design you already know and love? The Kensa Pen and Mechanical Pencil aims to do just that. The traditional hexagonal barrel of disposable ballpoints is well known for it's style, but not its durability or writing experience.
Gear Patrol
Kensa by Apt Several years ago, Tom Cowell, the Creative Director of the London design studio Apt, had a fun idea: to take the iconic hexagonal shape of a Bic Cristal and put it on something truly timeless (read: long lasting). The result was Kensa, a refillable brass pen made that resembled his favorite plastic stationery.
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