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Stripe Atlas Taxes
Help file your business taxes

Business taxes are now easier for companies using Stripe Atlas. From the Stripe Dashboard, we’ll help you file your Delaware franchise tax and corporate income taxes.

Interested in using Stripe Atlas to start an internet business? Get started right away with instant access just for the Product Hunt community.

18 Alternatives to Stripe Atlas Taxes

File your taxes like the 1%

Truffle finds potential business deductions in your spending history. Truffle combines and categorizes all potential business deductions across all of your personal credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. The avg. user finds ~$12K of business deductions.

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Tax experts for all of your crypto needs 💰

Visor is an online tax filing and advisory solution that removes the hassle and complexity from doing your taxes. Our experienced team will help you file your return and advise year-round for a flat fee.

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At Visor, we're on a mission to transform the tax-preparation industry. Taxes are painful, boring, and one of your biggest expenses. Once a year, you pull together your tax documents and hope you get a check back from the government.
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Get your taxes done in 10 minutes

TaxDrop is a mobile app that connects you with a licensed CPA who prepares your tax return. Snap, upload, done. BUT EVEN BETTER--Connect your bank account to have all possible deductions scanned and identified. Future updates will keep coming until we can gather ALL your tax documents for you too. Yes to hands-free!

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Organizing and calculating taxes shouldn't be the main focus of your self employed business. 1tap receipts takes away the difficulty of organizing, tracking and filing business expenses for self-employed individuals, so you can focus on your business. Scan receipts to automatically extract the data and categorize transactions for your tax return!

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App Store
Learn about 1tap receipts: Self Assessment on App Store.
Android Developers Blog
Posted by Kacey Fahey, Developer Marketing, Google Play Kicking off the new year, we're excited to welcome our latest group of Android Excellence apps and games. These awardees represent some of the best experiences and top performing apps and games on the Play Store and can be found with other great selections on the Editors' Choice page.
As a new year begins, the tax season looms on many business owners' minds - especially those who are self-employed. While making the most of the previous year's earnings and deductions is important to people running their own businesses, the team at Receipt Bank noticed one big drawback: those in the self-employed arena often lost documentation that could re… See more
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From the team that brought you Pilot bookkeeping (bookkeeping for startups, powered by humans and software) comes Pilot Tax. High-quality tax prep from a company that understands what startups need, because they are one.

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We're excited to announce that Pilot has raised $40 million in Series B funding, led by Index Ventures and joined by Stripe. We're also thrilled to announce the public launch of Pilot Tax, our new corporate tax preparation service.
Multinational conglomerates, mom-and-pops, sole traders - businesses of all sizes across all industries must manage the books. More often than not, accounting and bookkeeping are seen as necessary evils that can take valuable time away from more strategic initiatives within the enterprise. The FinTech community has taken notice.
Pilot announced it had raised a $40 million Series B funding round led by Index Ventures, and supported by online payments giant Stripe.
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Tax returns in Germany made super easy 💸🇩🇪

Taxfix makes doing your German taxes easy: Without tax forms, without tax gibberish. Employees and students in Germany can use the app to do their tax returns quickly and straight from their phone. Just take a photo of your annual payslip, answer some simple questions and your tax return is ready to submit.

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Cryptocurrency tax info from crypto-savvy accountants

Coin Tax Guide is easy-to-understand and up-to-date tax information for US-based cryptocurrency traders, from the crypto-savvy accountants at Ledger. Includes lifetime updates— stay up-to-date when crypto tax laws change.

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Easily shows how much of your tax $$ goes to each govt 🏛dept

Where Do My Taxes Go? is a simple web app that tells you just where your money goes AFTER you've paid your taxes. A simple table shows you department by department how much of your money gets allocated around the government.

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They say nothing is certain but death and taxes. But, do you ever wonder where all that money is going? The United States collects billions every year but don't make it clear where it's all being spent. That's where this website comes in. An amazi...
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The one question everyone wonders come tax season is: where does all of my money go? And now, there's a tool that will give you a breakdown to let you know how much of your money is going to health programs, Social Security and more.
Ever wonder where your tax dollars are actually going? While I have a decent general idea of what the government funds, I've never taken a look at how my money specifically is being used by the state and federal government.
Any discussion of the federal budget process really needs to first address that there are two ways to talk about the budgetary process: the way that it should work, and the way that it actually...
Click here to see the completed site featured in this post. We're live on Product Hunt! Check out our PH page here: See more
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Simple tax return filing for individuals & businesses 🇮🇳

Quicko is simple, quick and intuitive. Individuals and businesses from across India can file tax return online.

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The Tax Man is coming! That's a real fear that has almost everyone to start filing their returns and put everything in order before the Man comes knocking. A recently launched startup, Quicko, has software that aims to make tax planning 'intuitive and a fulfilling experience'.
The thought of filing yearly income tax returns gives the best of us quite a headache. One is likely to get lost among the jumble of figures, deductions, exemptions and tax sections, make mistakes, get bored with the exercise, sit over it for months and finally miss the government's filing deadline.
The Economic Times
In addition to e-filing of individual tax returns, Quicko has launched a service for CAs to file ITRs for their clients within minutes, the company said.
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See what your options are worth & how much tax you will pay

Our product helps you better understand what the real value of your startup option package is. We calculate your tax bills for you and show you how you can make the most of your startup equity. Interested to get your feedback!

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A computer science graduate, I've never really enjoyed working for a big corporation so since graduating Cambridge I've always worked in start-ups. A few years ago I was working for a start-up which I so fortunately joined as fourth employee.
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The accounting system for cryptocurrency portfolios

We make the system for funds, traders and investors.

FinTab helps to analyze the financial state of portfolio, the yield on a particular currency, and the whole portfolio.

Our basic principle is to make the service for people. We take into account what is really necessary and important for each audience.

stonecut- Stonecut96
I traded on YoBit, Bittrex, Bittfinex, Polonix and studied all my altcoys in the google table. But right now FinTab can import all transactions from CSV files. Im using this service. its very comfortable
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Calculate the correct sales tax, VAT, or GST on every sale based on your customer's location, and accept payments from all over the world — directly on your own website. No more manually uploading countless rate tables or double-checking foreign tax policies. Plus we provide a JS and REST API, if you want more control 😎

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Inside Quaderno
Picture this: You've been toiling away, developing your product, perfecting your service, building your business. You have some local customers, and that's great, but you really want to break into markets overseas. You're trying inbound marketing, outbound marketing; you have ads out across the internet.
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