Alternative products to Stripe Atlas (Pre-Launch)

Stripe Atlas (Pre-Launch)

A new way to start an internet business anywhere

5 alternative and related products to Stripe Atlas (Pre-Launch)

Gust Launch

Legal, banking and accounting solution for startups

Gust Launch is the one click solution for founding and managing a high-growth startup. A unique 'software as a service' platform, Gust Launch incorporates your startup as a Delaware C corp, files with the IRS, sets up your equity, and then handles ALL of your legal, accounting, stock and banking needs as you grow...starting at only $99/month.

Leo - Full Stack Developer
More comprehensive than Clerky
David S. Rose- CEO, Gust
Update: June 1, 2017: Our pricing has changed since the product was first hunted during its beta phase and the comments below were written. Today, Gust Launch offers the same features and more, available as a base subscription to the platform at only $99/month, supplemented by add-on packages that solve your company’s needs as you scale. In addition, Launch … See more
David S. Rose, the serial entrepreneur and chairman emeritus of the New York Angels, an angel investment group, has funneled tens of millions of dollars into 120 startups to date.
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Check your eligibility for the O-1 visa for $149

RyanKim- co-founder @ FoundVisa
Hello, Product Hunt users! Thank you for your interest and support of FoundVisa. We’ve been experiencing an unexpectedly high volume of people around the world. We are very thankful for it and are doing our best to assist every customer in the best way we can. Please send us an email or directly talk to us using our chat system built into our website. Sinc… See more
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