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Stress Buster Challenge
Write to throw away all your troubles
Dump out all negative and troubling things to clear your mind in one minute! This is a method of utilizing free writing to clear your mind and feel better. Are you ready?
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7 Alternatives to Stress Buster Challenge

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October is a social network that combines pseudonymous posting with an attention economy based around coins.

Check it out, earn coins, and let us know what you think!

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Brizzly is the next big social network to post stuff without all the pesky people

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Are you trying to stay off social media, but just can't seem to stop yourself from posting? When random thoughts pop into your head, do you find yourself launching Twitter and typing before you remember you're trying to quit? Well now, there's a better way. Hello, Brizzly. Brizzly...
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GoRelax is your personal masseuse which helps get relief from stress, insomnia and muscle pain by harnessing the power of deep touch stimulation. Live on Kickstarter and has already crossed $100K in funding.

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Experience relief in just minutes with the GoRelax Tension-Reducing Massage Mat. Armed with 192 lotus-shaped stimulators, all you need to do is lay down. GoRelax promotes deep relaxation by using these stimulators to trigger 4,800 pressure points. This process naturally increases your blood circulation which then reduces tension in your muscles.
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