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Master complex materials through short daily stories.

Stories is a mobile learning app with online-courses in a short story format. Using machine learning it selects an ideally matching teacher for every student. Reducing efforts for mastering complex materials.

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10 Alternatives to Stories

Learning is something to be enjoyed, not endured. By getting hands-on from the start, Workshop lets you skip the lectures and do more of what you love.

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‎Get the skills to turn you into the next Great British Bake Off star.
At Workshop, our aim is to uncover the best methods for teaching and learning new skills using technology, which is why technology is at the core of everything we do. In recent times we've seen a whole host of EdTech companies starting up claiming to be 'changing the way in which we learn'.
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Feeling turned on is more than a wind up to sex. It’s a way to feel more alive, heighten intimacy, and cultivate your wellbeing. Dipsea empowers you to tap into those feelings whenever you damn well please. Its short, sexy stories are perfect for listening in bed, with a partner, getting ready before a date, or turning off your boss brain.

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What do women find sexually arousing? Of course, it'll always depend on the individual. But a 2009 study on porn and arousal published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health had some interesting insights on the...
It started with meditation. Gina Gutierrez was listening to Headspace, the guided meditation and mindfulness app, when she realized something. Her and her girl friends, including her now-business partner Faye Keegan, were spending a lot of time talking about sexuality and how so few of them had reliable sources for erotic content that felt made for them.
A new wave of female-led businesses want to help women get off. Dipsea, an app-based platform for short-form erotic audio stories, is the latest to grab funding from venture capital investors. The female-founded San Francisco-headquartered startup, which officially launched in December, has raised $5.5 million in a round led by Bedrock Capital and Thrive Cap… See more
The first time I listened to one of Dipsea's "sexy audio stories" was on the subway. This was an incredibly uncomfortable experience; New York City's Financial District at 6 pm on a Thursday is possibly the most unsexy environment in the universe, not least when you are on an unfortunate-smelling train rumbling underneath it.
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