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Gift free stock for the holidays
Stock.Gifts is a free service for making all your friends investors this holiday season. Shop a library of stocks to find the perfect match, add a note, and send away. Your friend will receive up to $50 in free stock. Brought to you by
4 Alternatives to Stock.Gifts

Stock options are critical for hiring and retaining the best talent. But to create an effective plan, entrepreneurs need to know how much to award to each team member, and how much this could be worth to them. OptionPlan is based on the largest ever set of benchmark data, and can be easily tailored to your needs.

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While Europe's startup ecosystem has changed dramatically over the past decade, venture capitalists are warning that entrepreneurs must do more to encourage and reward risk if they want to create the next generation of tech giants.
More money doesn't aways beget generosity, as Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol showed more than 170 years ago with its protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge. That may be the case with tech startups in Europe too.
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US startups offer considerably more stock to their staff compared to European startups, according to a new study. Venture capital firm Index Ventures believes this is impacting Europe's chances of creating a tech firm on the same size as the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.
Index Ventures says startups need to give more stock options Startup employees need more financial incentives in Europe Europe isn't producing the kind of large, globally-influential technology companies like those coming out of the U.S. and China. A perennial question is why?
European VCs are getting tired, and who can blame them. Europe's startup industry has boomed in the last ten years, and no-one can say it isn't a world away from what it was in previous decades. However, European founders are consistently getting it wrong in how they allocate options and equity to staff.
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Manage startup company stock and company stock options, using stock classes, ISO, vesting schedules, grants, participants, termination schedules. No more spreadsheets or other limited formats. Easy reporting. For administrator of plans and participants.

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